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  • JM - Mini Floater Sprayers

    JM - Mini Floater Sprayers

    Deluxe model specifications 45 / 47.5 / 50 / 60 foot booms. 60' hydraulic fold with 30' hydraulic boom height adjustment.

  • JM - Pickup Sprayers

    JM - Pickup Sprayers

    300 - 500 gal. Tank (200 gal. Small truck) -- poly deep sump tank standard 45', 50', 60' self leveling boom or 60' hydraulic fold boom. Cast hinges for long life, each wing is double -- strength, the first 72' from hinge point, double folds for transport, tremendous acre eating capacity. Left, center, right, electric solenoid valves. Comfort crank adjustable boom (23' up & down stroke) manual fold. 5.5 Hp Honda motor & ace high capacity 650...

  • JM - Premium Liquid Applicator

    JM - Premium Liquid Applicator

    Ground Driven Pump -- John Blue LM Series (Pump Model 4955). Allows for accurate placement of fertilizer regardless of tractor speed. Coulter Injection. Lower Horse Power Requirement. Faster Operating Speed. Minimal Soil Disturbance. Accurate Placement of Fertilizer.

  • JM - Model 15 Or 30 Pull Type - Weed Waster - Sponge Wiper

    JM - Model 15 Or 30 Pull Type - Weed Waster - Sponge Wiper

    Let the JM Weed Waster waste those weeds away. Uses: Small corn or any row crops, solid seeded soybeans, cotton, sugar beets, CRP, wheat, specialty crops, bermuda grass, turf grass, hay, pastures, etc. Excellent control of: Sericea lespedeza, musk thistle, hemp dog bane, milk weed, mares tail, canadian thistle, horseweed, tall water hemp, wild rye in wheat, volunteer corn, johnson grass control, red rice, etc.