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  • Feed Trailer

    Feed Trailer

    The best value Feed Trailer on the market with sizes also available for young stock and goats.The Feed Trailer lets you feed where you want to, with a Solid Axle and Retractable Draw  Bar, Single Support Jack and 10ply tyres. Our most popular size is 18'. Also available as 15', 18' or 20' x 5'6.

  • 2 in 1 Feeder

    2 in 1 Feeder

    The 2 in 1 feeders are a popular dual purpose barrier/manger, two widths are available with options for TMR and young stock. Available in 10', 15' or 20' x 35.5' as Standard or there is an Extra Wide option. These can also be made to customers own lengths . Sizes differ for young stock and goats.

  • Open Bottom Feeders

    Open Bottom Feeders

    Bottomless feeder with the option of having hinged sides or 'TMR' to accommodate a feeder wagon.

  • Glastonbury - Feeder

    Glastonbury - Feeder

    Our Glastonbury range are complete with solid floor, the hinge sides or 'TMR options available.  Available in 10', 12', 15' x 5'6'.

  • Feed Barrier

    Feed Barrier

    Feed barriers available complete or just the 'top of wall' option without the timber base. Made with your choice of end arrangements, gate hanging, holes for bolting in situ, sliding ends for inbetween rsjs. Price per foot to be made to customers own length, up to 15' the barriers are constucted out of 60mmx40mmx3mm box section, 15' and over are then constructed using 80mmx40mmx3mm to make it stronger to withstand the bowing movement with...

  • Calf Creep Feeder

    Calf Creep Feeder

    Adjustable Rail. Sliding Roof - no hinges. Fill with Bucket - 7'6' x 20' filling opening. 3mm Steel Trough & Sides. 2.5mm Steel Roof.  Skids, Loader/Handler compatible.  3 Point Linkage also available