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  • Lined Lagoons

    Lined Lagoons

    Once a farmer has decided that he is installing a lined lagoon, a representative of JMG will visit his farm, size up the correct lagoon capacity and give the farmer a drawing with the dimensions of the excavation to be dug. JMG or the farmer will source an excavation contractor who digs out the hole in the ground. On the last day of excavating, a representative will visit the site and advise the digger driver how exactly the ground should be prepared....

  • Slurry Lagoon Covers

    Slurry Lagoon Covers

    Lagoon covers allow customers to keep rainwater out of slurry lagoons in order to maximise storage potential during statutory closed period of 6 months for slurry application on the land.  Without covers, slurry can lose up to 10% of nitrogen content.  The extra storage space in the lagoon once it has been covered will allow farmers to increase livestock numbers and grow their businesses. Lagoons close to towns and significant population,...

  • Standoff / Out-Wintering Pads

    Standoff / Out-Wintering Pads

    Stand-off pads are a low cost method of 'housing' cows and cattle that provide farmers with a cost effective means of expanding herd size.

  • Willows/Sludge Lagoons

    Willows/Sludge Lagoons

    Fast-growing species such as willows have very attractive potential for solving environmental problems. Willows grow with exceptional speed and easily provide cuttings, characteristics very useful for quickly restoring sites, stabilizing shores and banks or simply producing large quantities of biomass.