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  • Self Locking Feed Panels

  • Model Safety IV - Adjustable collar

    Model Safety IV - Adjustable collar

    SAFETY headlock (head locking yoke) is a panel that may be open from both ends, raised up and dismantle. It offers a head passage adapted to dehorned dairy cattle and moderately horned breeds.

  • Calves

  • Calves Headlock

    Calves Headlock

    SAFETY CALVES is a security headlock coming from the well-known SAFETY headlock which he has all the advantages. Specialy adapted to collective boxes for calves up to 6 months at least.

  • Small Cattle Feeder

    Small Cattle Feeder

    DOUBLE RACK : Double-sided rack with anti-waste trough. Intended for small livestock (calves, sheep, goats). May be disassembled. Length 2 m 60, width 0.75, height 1 m 22. Tubular frame and trough are galvanized. Sturdy and rational. Delivered in kit. Quick assembly. Optional : corrugate iron roof, length 3 m. NETTED FEEDER ON BARRIER: It hooks on barriers. Very sturdy. With bending bottom. Big capacity. Available in elements of 0 m 95 and 1 m 87,...

  • Cattle Self-Service Feed

  • Model LS 2 - Double Bar Feeding Barrier

    Model LS 2 - Double Bar Feeding Barrier

    Feeding barrier barrier for young bull or young cattle.  Formed of 2 Ø 76 mm bars assembled together by spacers ∅60 mm as opening panels, demountable and raising of 150 mm by rotating the gate. May be mount leaning or vertical. Available in 3 standard dimensions 4, 5 and 6 m with 1 adjustable end. They can be shortened when assembling,they adapt to any space. Articulations and fixing reinforced on ends. A mounting on posts...