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  • JPM - Multi Purpose Dump Trailer

    JPM - Multi Purpose Dump Trailer

    The multi-purpose dump trailer form JPM combines the abilities of a standard dump trailer with those of a low loader. It allows one user to transport up to 6t digger to the job and remove material from the job without the need for two trailers and two tractors

  • JPM - Dump Trailer

    JPM - Dump Trailer

    Dump Trailer range from 12t to 25t. Models suitable for both agri and contractor applications. The extensive use of high grade materials and the latest manufacturing techniques ensure that each Dump Trailer will provide unrivalled service through out its life.

  • JPM - Fuel Bowser

    JPM - Fuel Bowser

    JPM’s range of bunded fuel bowsers make on-site refuelling safe and easy.

  • JPM - Skip Trailer

    JPM - Skip Trailer

    Roll on Roll off skip trailers are available in tandem and tri axle models.

  • JPM - Tri Axle Low Loader

    JPM - Tri Axle Low Loader

    Tri-axle Low Loader available as 27t gross or 33t gross. All tri axle low loaders come as standard with : Hydraulic brakes,215 / 75 R 17.5 J rated wheels,sprung drawbar,full road lights. Options Include :

  • JPM - Tandem Low Loader

    JPM - Tandem Low Loader

    The JPM Tandem Axle Low Loader comes with the following: 256x146 chassis, Seven leaf springs, 215/75 R17.5 ‘J’ rated tyres, Hydraulic brakes, spring assisted ramps, Full road lights, 2 inch timber floors, Crash barriers. Commercial spec trailers also available on steel or air suspension.

  • JPM - Livestock Trailers

    JPM - Livestock Trailers

    JPM manufacture a wide range of livestock trailers for cattle , sheep and pigs. The livestock trailer range starts with a 16ft tandem axle trailer. All trailers are manufactured on a heavy duty chassis with a steel and aluminum container on top.

  • JPM - Forestry Trailer

    JPM - Forestry Trailer

    JPMs Forestry Machinery trailer is the most efficient and safest way of transporting your forestry equipment on the market. Originally designed by JPM, it is still the only trailer of its type that offers sufficient strength and unrivalled quality. NEW TRUCK-DRAWN VERSION available now!

  • JPM - Commercial Trailers

    JPM - Commercial Trailers

    All commercial trailers come equiped with the lastest in EBS braking technology , full 24v road lighting system up to full road lighting specifications , choice of commercial couplings to suit various lorry hitches. JPM manufacture a wide range of commercial trailers for use with trucks. The range includes drawbar low loaders (tandem axle , tri axle and four axle) , skip trailers ( tandem and tri axle) , flat bed trailers , step frame low...

  • JPM - Bale Trailers

    JPM - Bale Trailers

    JPMs range of flat bed bale trailers are manufactured on the same tried and tested chassis as our low loader trailers. All trailers come as standard with wide track heavy duty axles mounted on a multi leaf suspension , I beam chassis , I beam cross runners and channel side chimes. Trailers can be ordered with either a wooden floor or chequer plate steel floor and can be manufactured in different lengths. Options include :