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  • JPM - Multi Purpose Dump Trailer

    JPM - Multi Purpose Dump Trailer

    The multi-purpose dump trailer form JPM combines the abilities of a standard dump trailer with those of a low loader. It allows one user to transport up to 6t digger to the job and remove material from the job without the need for two trailers and two tractors

  • JPM - Dump Trailer

    JPM - Dump Trailer

    Dump Trailer range from 12t to 25t. Models suitable for both agri and contractor applications. The extensive use of high grade materials and the latest manufacturing techniques ensure that each Dump Trailer will provide unrivalled service through out its life.

  • JPM - Plant Trailers

    JPM - Plant Trailers

    JPMs plant trailers are available as tandem axle and tri axle. Size 11ft x 6ft 1' ( Tandem axle) , 14ft x 6ft1' ( Tri axle). Gross capacity 3500kg. Fully galvanised. Two sliding ramps ( full door optional). 7 leaf springs. 1800 kg capacity axles.