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  • JPS - Model R5500 - Saw Unit

    JPS - Model R5500 - Saw Unit

    Having cut the RPM’s to half, JPS have set a new standard for modern forestry operations by introduced a saw unit with unrivalled productivity and operating economy – Reduced fuel consumption, less heat generation and fewer split logs are just some of the real benefits. With the new R5500 saw unit, JPS have turned traditional concepts on their head. By re-evaluating the design, JPS have challenged and improved former technologies in...

  • JPS - Rotary Actuator

    JPS - Rotary Actuator

    When developing the R5500 sawing unit, JPS have also developed a completely new hydraulic rotary actuator that replaces the traditional saw bar cylinder. The actuator consists of only three parts and therefore offers maximum reliability while the maintenance requirements are minimal. The unique design is the central part of the R5500 concept as it serves as the mount for the saw unit in the harvester head. The motor is located on one side, and the bar...