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  • Model EC 80-280 - Bucket Elevators

    Model EC 80-280 - Bucket Elevators

    The bucket elevator is available with steel or plastic buckets. The size of the elevator belt is determined by capacity and height of the elevator. The standard lengths of the elements are 2.4 m or 1.2 m, but they can be manufactured according to customer specifications. The elements are connected to each other with bolted joints. The elevator has two service hatches. The structure of the elevator is self-supporting up to 30 m, but it requires lateral...

  • Model GD 30 - Grain Dehuller

    Model GD 30 - Grain Dehuller

    JPT GD 30 is designed for efficient and economic oats dehulling. The device is also suitable for soybeans, spelt and sunflower seed dehulling. JPT GD 30 operates with a 4kW motor. Dehulling capacity 2000-3000 kg/h depending on which product. The husk separation is done by an integrated wind separator, additional equipment is a fan and a separation cyclone.

  • Model CC 200-500 - Chain Conveyor

    Model CC 200-500 - Chain Conveyor

    The JPT CC conveyors have a capacity of 5–400 m³/h and their length can be varied according to the project. The chain conveyors’ surface treatment:  powder coated, galvanized or stainless steel

  • Extruder


    The JPT Extruder Line is a complete, ready to use solution for aquaculture farms, designed to facilitate the cost-efficient production of fish feed together with JPT FaMix 50- farm mixing line. The thermally insulated line is weatherproof and can be built directly on a compact gravel bed. The Extruder line enables the industrial and flexible production of feed on the farm whenever you need it.

  • Model DWMI - Moving Scales

    Model DWMI - Moving Scales

    Moving scales range from 50 kg to 4,000 kg. The speed of the scale is 5 m/s. The scale’s capacity for unloading is 160 tonnes/h, for loading 180 tons/h, and for multidosing 50 tonnes/h. The capacity of the scale depends on the volume of the scale bin. The scale’s rail system is designed case-specific.