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  • JVK - Plants

    JVK - Plants

    JVK has the industry’s widest assortment of proven and reliable Genetics from the top growers across Canada and internationally. Our rooted and unrooted solutions from the top producers provide you with reliable and profitable solutions. From the proven reliability of JVK rooted cuttings to the marketing strength of Proven Winners®, we have many ideas and solutions to maximize the profitability of your vegetative offering. Whether it’s the unsurpassed...

  • JVK  - Seeds

    JVK - Seeds

    JVK Seeds is the seed choice by professional growers. We source the finest suppliers from around the world, employ the latest technology and furnish the most advanced storage and packaging conditions in the industry. Whether you require Xtreme Impatiens, Delta Pansies, Primulas, Wave Petunias, Begonias,  or other key varieties, you can rest assured that quality is our top priority.