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  • K-Hart - Furrow Closer

    K-Hart - Furrow Closer

    The K-Hart furrow closer was developed specifically to alleviate the problem of uneven soil placement overtop of the seed rows on the back row of the air drills or cultivator. When using direct seeding equipment, especially double shoot openers, soil is thrown out of the seed trench far enough that it does not flow back in properly. The furrow closer redirects soil back over the seed helping to prevent drying out of...

  • K-Hart - Mid-Row Fertilizer Banders

    K-Hart - Mid-Row Fertilizer Banders

    K-Hart’s independent mid-row fertilizing system allows you the option to choose mid row fertilizer placement for your cereals and small grains, and hydraulically lift them out of the way for pulses, when nitrogen placement is not required.

  • K-Hart - Model Gen II - 2-Row Frames

    K-Hart - Model Gen II - 2-Row Frames

    The all new “Gen II 2-Row Frames” built for the harshest seeding conditions you can imagine.K-Hart Gen II frames are the heaviest built frames on the market today.  They are designed for mounting K-Hart Direct Seeding Openers or the industry's strongest built fertilizer 

  • K-Hart - Residue Managers

    K-Hart - Residue Managers

    K-Hart residue managers helps to clear the straw making a clear path for better performance of disk openers. Residue managers reduce the chance of hairpinning the straw into the seed row causing poor seed emergence. Residue managers also help create a blackened seed row allowing the soil to warm up a little quicker - also helping to increase emergence. The K-Hart residue managers offer adjustable blade angles for optimum performance, wear resistant...

  • Double Disk Direct Seeding Units / Air Drills

  • K-Hart - Model 4612 - Direct Seeding Disk Openers

    K-Hart - Model 4612 - Direct Seeding Disk Openers

    Model 4612 is our latest parallel link design. We have combined all the top features of all previous K-Hart parallel link models in to the new 4612 series. Model 4612 now features a parallel trip linkage giving way for straight up and down travel of 10 inches and can be adjusted to six different down pressure settings without tools. Simply pulling down on a T-handle and sliding the main down pressure spring to the desired hole, down force...