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  • Model K2000 - Modular Rotary Harrows

    Model K2000 - Modular Rotary Harrows

    The K-Line K-2000 Modular Rotary Harrow is a versatile harrow ideal for a wide range of working methods, conditions and soil types. Rotary action is excellent for stubble management, trash handling and weed control with residue being spread at top of soil profile. Unique positioning of the tines on each harrow in 4 spirals improves the levelling and conditioning of the various soil types. The K-2000 Modular Rotary Harrows are easily fitted to most...

  • Model VR Series - Mower

    Model VR Series - Mower

    The VR Series Mower is a precision cut finishing mower built by K-line Agriculture with a high tip speed. These revolutionary mowers are enabling large areas to be mown with the precision and quality of cut previously achieved by smaller and slower machinery. The quality, safety and strength of the VR Series Mower set a new benchmark for the landscape industry.