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  • Hopper Silos

    Hopper Silos

    Hopper Silos are produced in a variety of different sizes ranging from 5m3 to 190m3. Because of their design they can be used not only in agriculture but generally in industry. Our main aim is to always respond to our customer’s requirements. Our hopper silos are easy to modify to meet all possible needs.

  • Big Silos

    Big Silos

    KAM’s larger silos meet the demand for economic and high capacity storage. They are available in different sizes from 67m3 to 1345 m3.

  • Intake Systems

    Intake Systems

    Intake systems are used for bulk intake. Also discharge augers are used for silo emptying. Their performance can reach up to 150 t.p.h. of course, higher capacities are available for special applications. These systems can be easily modified to meet any particular need.