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  • Augers

  • Kasco - Gravity Wagon Augers

    Kasco - Gravity Wagon Augers

    Kasco’s innovative hopper design allows material to drop directly into the auger, for less seed damage and more positive flow. Different sized hoppers are available to handle up to a 45” opening on your wagon. A heavy duty winch with a built‐in brake is included, as is a heavy duty transport bracket to lock the auger in place. Plastic outer tubing provides easy maneuverability, and a choice of flighting is available to match the...

  • Kasco - Seed Fill Augers for Central Fill Planters and Drills

    Kasco - Seed Fill Augers for Central Fill Planters and Drills

    Kasco’s unique design of auger system utilizes a single vertical auger mounted on the back of the planter or drill. Our rugged yet simple design will tolerate transport over even the roughest terrain. The brackets do not interfere with the railing; no modification to your planter or drill is necessary. A flexible discharge hose at the top of the auger allows quick charging of the seed hoppers. Cupped plastic flighting ensures minimal seed...

  • Drills & Seeders

  • Kasco Seed-N- - Model SEED-n-PACK - Solid Primary Seeder

    Kasco Seed-N- - Model SEED-n-PACK - Solid Primary Seeder

    For an economical yet solid primary seeder, the Seed-N-Pack is the right choice. Our ground-driven metering system is consistent – the seed flow stops when the implement stops. There is no waste of expensive seed. Using the same proven metering system as our heavy duty ag drills, The Seed-N-Pack easily adapts to a wide variety of seed sizes and types.

  • Valu-Drill - Drill

    Valu-Drill - Drill

    For those who want a simple, rugged drill with extra value, the Valu-Drill is the perfect choice. This drill is constructed of a heavy duty welded frame with 14” openers and oversized bearings. It is close-coupled, so it is easier to lift and can be used on smaller tractors. It works well in either no-till or worked soil. The Valu-Drill is available in a 4’, 6’, or 8’ wide machine.

  • Kasco - Landscapers Choice Primary Seeder

    Kasco - Landscapers Choice Primary Seeder

    Kasco’s innovative design for the Landscapers Choice provides consistent grass seeding in a prepared seedbed. Utilizing our patented “Walking Beam” axle design, the Landscapers Choice uses two rows of heavy cast iron press wheels. The front row smooths the dirt, preparing it for seed; the back row gives a finished, manicured final grade. Our seed chute uses a baffle system to evenly distribute seed across the entire width of the...

  • PLOTTERS - Planter

    PLOTTERS - Planter

    Kasco's PLOTTERS' CHOICE is the most versatile food plot planter on the market.

  • Harrows

  • Kasco - Drag Bar Harrows

    Kasco - Drag Bar Harrows

    Here's a drag bar harrow that' s specially engineered to mount on disks, field cultivators and chisel plows. The Red Dragon does the same efficient job as the heavier model for plows... with the heavy crossbar crushing the bigger clods and leveling the soil while the tooth bars mix and mulch. This rugged agricultural tool weighs less per foot because Kasco has designed it with spring loaded mountings, which create added pressure to helps the tooth...

  • Landscape Equipment

  • Salt / Sand Spreaders

  • Model 2011SCP - Salt/Sand Scoop

    Model 2011SCP - Salt/Sand Scoop

    Our unique agitator system is the tool for efficient deicing. Utilizing our unique agitator design, the Herd Salt/Sand Spreaders are the most effective method of spreading any combination of sand (wet or dry) salt or calcium chloride.

  • Seeders

  • Model Herd I-92 - Broadcast Seeder and Spreader

    Model Herd I-92 - Broadcast Seeder and Spreader

    Can be purchased with 2” receiver hitch mount, front mount, or side mount.Ideal for front of tractor, pick-up, jeeps, etc. (DO NOT MOUNT ON ATVs).Only 12 volts needed.Includes an agitator to give Herd’s sure-feed of material through the opening.Can center the spread and meter the amounts with Herd’s design.184 lbs., 3-1/2 cubic feet, or 2-7/8 bushels

  • Skid Steer Attachments

  • Bale Spears

    Bale Spears

    Kasco’s Bale Spears utilize high quality forged spears for maximum lift capacity. Bale spears are available for universal skid steer hook-up, for John Deere 400 and 500 series loaders, and for 3-point. Single, double, or triple spear designs are available.