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  • Bagger

  • Model 7 - Bagger

    Model 7 - Bagger

    Only 7’ bagger on the market. No wheels to move, the machine is always in operating position. Tractor positioned in front-center of machine.

  • Model 8- 9 - 10 - Bagger

    Model 8- 9 - 10 - Bagger

    Puts up to 15% more in the bag than bottom-pack units. Packs more punch from the center, with less H.P. for tighter, more uniform bags of feed.

  • Model 12 - Bagger

    Model 12 - Bagger

    One-man bag lift-loader, standard 100” packing rotor for more capacity. The 12-foot Centerline is easy to operate and it’s affordable, even with the current milk prices. Plus, it allows me to bag a big quantity in small areas.” Greg Tollefson – Whitehall, Wisconsi.

  • Centerline Pro - Bagger

    Centerline Pro - Bagger

    New two-piece Centerline Pro. Hydraulic platform/beater drive. Apron speeds up to 20’ per minute for fast truck unload.

  • Bagger Tender

    Bagger Tender

    Dump big loads of forage and go back for more. Units have 3 hydraulic-drive motors & no gearboxes. Available in different sizes

  • Feeder

  • Platform Feeder

    Platform Feeder

    Dump whole loads and head back for more.Puts desired steady flow of silage, ear corn, small grain, etc., into blowers, grinders, elevators, or any hopper without spilling

  • Standard - Feedwagon

    Standard - Feedwagon

    Trouble-free chain and flight action, with all-steel welded construction. Ingredients are blended as they are unloaded.

  • Model 69LP - Re-Mix Feedwagon

    Model 69LP - Re-Mix Feedwagon

    Trouble-free chain and flight action, with all-steel welded construction. Larger custom units available. Cycles forages and fibrous materials that are so difficult for some auger type wagons. Also mixes additives evenly throughout the load. All the chains and the stub recycle auger run in unison for optimum capacity.

  • Manure Spreaders

  • Model 6 & 7 - Manure Spreaders

    Model 6 & 7 - Manure Spreaders

    All welded construction assures you years of trouble-free service. Units are shipped assembled and ready for the field. Hydraulic endgate for semi-liquid manure is availble for 4', 5', 6' and 7' units. This gate comes complete with 18” double-acting cylinder. Rubber belting provides a positive seal between the box and gate.