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  • Model LT Series - Flat Bed Trailer

    Model LT Series - Flat Bed Trailer

    Designed and built for professional use, you can depend on an Ifor Williams flatbed trailer to do the job week in week out, reliably and safely. High strength and durability are essential requirements for this type of product and have always been a mainstay of Ifor Williams' design policy. Please Contact Us for information on the full range. Kelly Trailers Newry will help you to find flat bed trailers to suit your...

  • Model LM Series - Flat Bed Trailer

    Model LM Series - Flat Bed Trailer

    From the smallest LM85 to the largest LM187, all LM flatbed models are built around a heavy duty welded steel, galvanized chassis fitted with bolt-on tapered drawbars and the Ifor Williams axle beam and leaf sprung suspension. Whenever there's work to be done you'll find a flatbed model to help you do it. Our flatbed trailers epitomise the flexibility of our commercial range. Purchasers from roofers to gardeners, small businesses to local authorities...