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  • Ground Preparation

  • Grader Leveler

    Grader Leveler

    Kennco’s Grader Leveler is used to smooth and level areas such as blocks of land prior to prebedding or bedding and can also be used to level farm lanes and roads, and/or difficult to access areas.

  • Level Board

    Level Board

    Kennco’s level board will add the finishing touches to an un-level field for better irrigation and drainage.

  • Ditch Plow

    Ditch Plow

    Kennco’s ditch plow is ideal for digging irrigation ditches and/or drainage ditches to remove excess water from the field. It is also a useful tool when trying to level out water throughout your field during the growing season.

  • Bed Shapers

  • Press Pans and Liners

    Press Pans and Liners

    Kennco’s press pans, used in creating tight, uniform, raised beds, are custom manufactured to the customer’s specifications for bed width, bed height, row center spacing, and crown.

  • Power Bedder

    Power Bedder

    Kennco’s powerbedder allows for quicker soil preparation before forming beds, by adding tillers to our SuperBedder.

  • Fertilizer Applicators

  • Liquid Fertilizer Injection Wheel

    Liquid Fertilizer Injection Wheel

    Kennco’s liquid fertilizer injection wheel is a revolutionary design that will allow you apply liquid fertilizer through plastic mulch for supplemental feeding on an existing crop, or when growing a second or third crop in a bed.

  • Plastic Mulch Layer

  • High Speed Plastic Mulch Layer (HSPM)

    High Speed Plastic Mulch Layer (HSPM)

    Kennco’s high-speed plastic mulch layer is available in single row as well as multiple row machines. With all of the possible configurations the high-speed mulch layer is an extremely cost effective, versatile, and durable money saving too for all growersl.

  • Combo Units

  • Micro-Combo Plastic Layer

    Micro-Combo Plastic Layer

    Kennco’s Micro-combo plastic layer will allow you to shape a raised bed and cover it with plastic in a single pass.

  • Mini Combo Superbedder and Plastic Layer

    Mini Combo Superbedder and Plastic Layer

    Kennco’s Mini-combo utilizes the tools of our standard superbedder on a smaller frame, and also includes a plastic mulch layer on the back to eliminate multiple passes in the field.

  • Transplanters

  • Sprayers

  • Spray Machines

    Spray Machines

    One of the most important implements used in vegetable production is a sprayer and Kennco, makes the most rugged, durable, reliable, and versatile sprayer available.