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  • Processing

  • Potato Halver

    Potato Halver

    The Potato Halver cuts too-long potatoes in half crosswise, so that french fry processors can simply and efficiently increase yield, achieve length specifications, and prevent product length-related packaging problems. The potato halver achieves consistent, accurate handling at capacities up to 360 potatoes per minute.

  • Rotary Sizing and Grading Systems

    Rotary Sizing and Grading Systems

    This line of versatile roller sizers and graders enables food processors to transfer and classify product efficiently—while removing field debris, broken pieces, seeds, juice, fines, and other targeted material. Key’s Rotary Sizing and Grading Systems feature on-the-fly tuning, no pinch points, diameter and length sizing, self-cleaning stainless steel rollers, sealed corrosion resistant bearings for low maintenance and easy cleaning for...

  • Sorting

  • Model ADR  - Module System

    Model ADR - Module System

    Key’s ADR Module is an integrated system of conveyors, sliver sizer remover, ADR 5, and rotary size graders. The system removes defects from potato strips while recovering strips that are too small, nubbins, and slivers for co-product processing, increasing plant efficiency and overall yield.

  • Model ADR 5 - Automatic Defect Removal System

    Model ADR 5 - Automatic Defect Removal System

    Key’s Automatic Defect Removal System (ADR 5) is a unique system that turns a defective potato strip into a good one by automatically identifying and removing flaw areas. When equipped with the optional CIT  (Chemical Imaging Technology) module, ADR5 is also able to detect and remove sugar end defects. ADR5 maximizes process yield while ensuring optimal product quality, which is why 95% of the world’s potato strips are processed on a...

  • VitiSort  - Wine Grape Sorter

    VitiSort - Wine Grape Sorter

    VitiSort is an affordable integrated system for mechanical and optical sorting of wine grapes, allowing winemakers ultimate control over the quality of their product by removing MOG and other undesirable elements in the product stream such as unripe or damaged fruit. VitiSort features an intuitive User Interface and is designed for minimal sanitation requirements, ease of installation and portability.