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  • Kidd - Model 814, 806 and 807 - Bale Choppers

    Kidd - Model 814, 806 and 807 - Bale Choppers

    Minimal service and running costs. Discharge ports on both sides of the machine. Simple operation from inside the tractor. Hydraulically driven adjustable rotating tub. Versatile ‘Quick Hitch’ A Frame linkage.  Simple, Versatile, Durable and Affordable. Bedding, Feeding & Mulching no problem!

  • Kidd - Flail Mowers

    Kidd - Flail Mowers

    With Single Skin or Double Skin Shell and variable cutting widths from 1m (3ft 3″) to 3m (9ft 10″), our heavy duty and medium duty adjustable Flail Mowers also come in a choice of hydraulic or manual side-shift, single or double skin hoods.

  • Kidd - Float Wing Mulching Mower

    Kidd - Float Wing Mulching Mower

    Float Wing Mulching Mower, for tillage field residues, open green space areas and animal field grass management. Standard features include overlapping blades, three point linkage for front or rear mounting with two, three, four or six cutting and mulching blade option widths.

  • Kidd - Hedge Cutters

    Kidd - Hedge Cutters

    Our hedge cutters have been designed with good parallel geometry to avoid obstructions and ensure good control of the cutterhead at all times. Power slew to get into those tight corners.

  • Kidd - Model TWY 340 - Post Drivers for Farmers

    Kidd - Model TWY 340 - Post Drivers for Farmers

    TWY 340 Post Driver Range. Manual or hydraulic control or part manual or part hydrualic. Swing to either side of the tractor. Adjustable mast 200KG taper weight. Adjustable post calliper. Hyd top link.

  • Kidd - Farm Toppers

    Kidd - Farm Toppers

    Toppers inline with offset or fully offset. Standard features include twin timed gearbox drive with reliable Comer gearboxes, free swinging blades reduce shock loads on gearbox preventing expensive failures.