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  • Nut Harvesting Division

  • Model B0-816 - Low Profile Bank-Out Cart

    Model B0-816 - Low Profile Bank-Out Cart

    The revolutionary new design is the first of it's kind. It is both highly specialized and very versatile. It will fit easily into virtually any existing system, working pulled behind any harvester with stop to unload or unload on the fly using the new KCI System.

  • Model KCM612 - Fertilizer Spreaders

    Model KCM612 - Fertilizer Spreaders

    Adjustable speed on main chain, bander chains and spinners. Extra heavy tubing frame plate floor and box. Special heavy duty drive sprockets. Axle is adjustable up and down. Rear feed door is adjustable from tractor. Custom heavy service dual hyraulic motor gear box on main drive chain. Units are available in standard and gable box configuration with banders, flingers, or spinners. This versatile unit can be used for compost, gypsum or commercial...

  • Model 4024D - Field Conveyors

    Model 4024D - Field Conveyors

    40 HP Deutz diesel engine with a Donaldson dual clement air filter powers the wide 24' belt. The engine is protected by 'Tattle Tale' emergency shut down switches for low oil, high temperature or fan belt breakage.

  • KCI Scheidt - Model RD 8125 - Filed Cart

    KCI Scheidt - Model RD 8125 - Filed Cart

    The cart is loaded from front to rear using 2 adjustable augers driven by a removable hydraulic motor. The large 3 stage telescoping cylinder dumps the cart with ease and precision. The wide 26'x60' rear door allows for quick, clean operation.  The RD8125 can either drive over or back up to the conveyor. The 2 foot high pivot point allows it to dump onto almost any conveyor.

  • KCI Scheidt - Drive Over Conveyor

    KCI Scheidt - Drive Over Conveyor

    Bottom Hopper can be driven over by tractors and carts or trucks. 50 HP or larger 4 Cyl Deutz Diesel engine. 15 to 17' Discharge height. 24'-30' or 36' wide belt. Low profile 12' to 15' long recieving section. Belt returns on long wearing UHMW 1/2 rounds. 32 Gal Hyd & 22 Gal fuel tank. Belt speed is approx 850 FPM. Capacity is about 3 Ton/Min. Optional covered hold down rollers for Walnuts. Standard hold down tires (shown). 10K Torque-Flex rubber...

  • Orchard Division

  • Model KC1820P - Adjustable Pull Behind Orchard Brush Rake

    Model KC1820P - Adjustable Pull Behind Orchard Brush Rake

    In one easy pass through your orchard at speeds up to 5 MPH the KCI Brush Rake will rake leaves and brush from the edge of the berms to the center of each row. The circular rakes rotate with the momentum of the tractor’s speed to bring debris to the center of the row. This makes the job of shredding brush more efficient and facilitates the flow of water.

  • Model KC1820 - Adjustable Orchard Crowder

    Model KC1820 - Adjustable Orchard Crowder

    The KCI ORCHARD CROWDER contours each row like a well made road, with a crown in the center sloping off to the berms on each side. This directs irrigation water to the sides of each row and requires far less maintenance than a furrowed system. The KCI CROWDER’S curved blades roll the dirt to the center of the row where the 60” flattening plate levels it off.