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  • Agriculture- Stone Removal- Stone Crushers

  • Model BP-BPE - Vineyard Stone Crushers

    Model BP-BPE - Vineyard Stone Crushers

    For wine growers, landscapers, market gardeners... KIRPY offers a special BP and BPE range of stone crushers. BPE 50/10 and BPE 65/14 designed for use on high-clearance tractors in either overhead or lateral position. BP 65/14 with 3-point coupling for both wheeled and caterpillar tractors. With a simple but robust design, these 'vineyard' stone crushers benefit from 40 years of KIRPY stone-crushing experience. The KIRPY BP 65/14 crusher has offset...

  • Model BPL Series - Vineyard Stone Crushers

    Model BPL Series - Vineyard Stone Crushers

    Vineyard stone crushers with movable hammers. Made out of high quality steel (anti-abrasion and high-tensile steel), combining lightness with robustness, reliability and safety. This crusher is ideal for treating wine-growing soil in the most demanding of conditions (slopes, espalier vines). Pulled by vineyard tractors with tyres or caterpillar tracks. The crusher can be offset for working from the row edge or pulled centrally by the tractor.

  • Agriculture- Stone Removal- Picker

  • Model 3420 - Stone Picker

    Model 3420 - Stone Picker

    Free-floating rotor.Torque limiter on the transmission.Removable grid separating earth and stones.Tines retract individually.Preserves the soil and remains stable thanks to 4 wheels on a balance beam.A simple 4-function electrical box controls the machine's hydraulic functions.Pick-up capacity of between 40 and 50 tonnes/hour.Stone size: 30cm maximum.Standard 42 mm pick-up grid.Fine 27 mm pick-up grid.

  • Agriculture- Soil Preparation

  • Model NS  - Cultivators

    Model NS - Cultivators

    Extremely robust devices designed for deep scarification (50cm). Replacing ploughing. Clearing pathways. The extraction of stones before aligning, crushing, picking up. Optional equipment: brake harrow roller

  • Model DM  - Chisel Plough

    Model DM - Chisel Plough

    Deep scarification work of up to 40cm or 50cm in one or more passes, depending on the power of the tractor. Breaking up hardpan. Replacing ploughing with significant time savings, especially in drought years thanks to its penetration power (improved rooting of plants). Soil drainage.

  • Model RE  - Brake Harrow Roller

    Model RE - Brake Harrow Roller

    Extremely robust, the brake harrow roller works behind tined tools. This large diameter roller (60cm) with a spiral profiled planar section breaks up the clods without blocking up the roller.

  • Agriculture- Harvesters

  • Model RGA - Asparagus Harvesters

    Model RGA - Asparagus Harvesters

    The RGA harvests the whole asparagus in the soil mound, places the asparagus on a manual sorting conveyor and rebuilds the mound. All the functions of the machine are hydraulic, with electrical adjustment controlled from the tractor cab. Based on an 8-hour day, the RGA can harvest a plantation of between 10 and 15 hectares. The profitability of this equipment is assured with an extremely quick return on investment and reduced manpower requirements.