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  • Grain Dryers

  • KMZ - Model DSP series - Grain Dryers

    KMZ - Model DSP series - Grain Dryers

    DSP flow-line double-shaft grain dryers of the air blower type are one of the best domestic designs of grain-drying facilities. They have proved themselves to be excellent both in Ukraine and abroad due to their reliability, high quality, and longevity.

  • Conveyors

  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators

    Bucket elevators are widely used as a part of the KMZ Industries elevator complexes and for the renovation of existing facilities. Application of modern technologies and materials ensures durability and high efficiency of transport equipment.Simple and strong design ensures continuous operation, while ablast discharger, speed control device, off-track detector, brace sensor and caution mechanism make this operation safe. KMZ...

  • Model TSC  series - Chain Conveyors

    Model TSC series - Chain Conveyors

    TSC conveyors are designed to handle horizontal, inclined or horizontal-inclined transportation of grain crops. TSC transporters have reliable industrial design and are able to work with large and long loads. Conveyor chain is made of high-tensile steel with outstanding reserve of tensile strength. Polyurethane scrapers make transportation of crops safer and reduce noise of equipment. The chain conveyor is fully covered, thus preventing...

  • Auxiliary Equipment

  • Gravity Flow Equipment

    Gravity Flow Equipment

    Gravity flow equipment is designed for transferring bulk materials utilizing gravity. Product range of gravity flow equipment produced by KMZ Industries includes gravity flow pipes, inlets, sectors, adapters, switchers, etc. Gravity flow pipes can be lined with polymers.

  • Grain Storage Bins

  • KMZ - Storage Bins on Flat Bottom

    KMZ - Storage Bins on Flat Bottom

    KMZ Industries produces flat bottom silos in 2 model ranges: Brice-Baker (developed in the UK) and SMVU (developed by Ukrainian engineers).The silos are manufactured using US-made BRADBURY production lines and Japanese AMADA processing machines at the production facility in Poltava Region.

  • KMZ - Storage Bins on Hopper Silos

    KMZ - Storage Bins on Hopper Silos

    KMZ Industries produces the widest model range of hopper silos in Ukraine: 2 model ranges; 7 types of silos; 23 modifications of silos.  Silo capacity – 11~1,500 t of grain. Incline of hopper bottom: 45°, 55°, 62° и 65°. Silo diameter – 2.7~11 m. Diameter increment of Brice-Baker silos is 1 m, which enables the silo to fit into any layout of the site.