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  • Trailer Tugs

  • Kropf - Haull.e Trailer Tugs

    Kropf - Haull.e Trailer Tugs

    Conolift has developed a highly maneuverable and rugged trailer tug that can convert any yard or highway hydraulic boat trailer into a self-propelled work horse. It’s extremely compact design takes up far less space than your regular tow vehicle, enabling you to increase your indoor storage capacity without building new infrastructure. One man operation is easy with radio remote control steering, drive, and hitch functions. The Haull.e can also...

  • Kropf - Floating Net Pens

    Kropf - Floating Net Pens

    Kropf Aquaculture has designed and manufactured floating structures for the aquaculture industry for almost 20 years. Our experience and service have helped us to establish a reputation as the leading supplier for cage operations in northern freshwater applications that are subject to severe conditions and icing. Our steel pontoon floating net pens have been designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use in an unforgiving environment, providing...