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  • LaSole - Double Blade

    LaSole - Double Blade

    The Double Blade satisfies two needs: level your farm land where surface drainage is unsatisfactory, eliminating water accumulations which can harm your crops; seedbed preparation, giving you an even surface, clear of rocks and clods. It will permit the soil to warm up more rapidly while keeping a high level of humidity. Use the Double Blade for all your work, both light and heavy. We will teach you all the techniques necessary to enable you to level...

  • LaSole - Super Blade

    LaSole - Super Blade

    The Super Blade is a modified version of the conventional Double Blade which allows laser and GPS leveling due to: a rigid transport system; support wheels; a mast for laser/GPS receiver. Each Super Blade arm is attached to the hitch with a pintle hook/ring coupling.  Since the hitch is attached to the tractor's 3 point linkage system, raising or lowering allows the operator to change the Super Blade's angle to suit leveling needs. ...

  • LaSole - Model MFC - Multifunctional Chassis and Assortment

    LaSole - Model MFC - Multifunctional Chassis and Assortment

    The MFC is a multifunctional chassis and an assortment of accessories which can be combined in different ways to accomplish the tasks you need done: subsoiler (or ripper) unequal to decompact and aerate your soil, combination subsoiler and chisel plough, chisel plough, zone till.

  • LaSole - MAX Subsoiler

    LaSole - MAX Subsoiler

    Ultra robust, The MAX Subsoiler decompacts and aerates your farm land and permits water to penetrate without hindrance. This permits full root development. A land well decompacted is basic to a good yield.