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  • Double Blade

    Double Blade

    Level your farm land where surface drainage is unsatisfactory, eliminating water accumulations which can harm your crops Seedbed preparation, giving you an even surface, clear of rocks and clods. It will permit the soil to warm up more rapidly while keeping a high level of humidity. Use the Double Blade for all your work, both light and heavy. We will teach you all the techniques necessary to enable you to level or prepare your seedbed easily.

  • Power Harrow

    Power Harrow

    The power harrow Falc is a tool designed for seed bed preparation En fact, this machine creates the perfect bed, working the soil at three levels: The rotary blades, turning on a vertical axis breaks up the soil, eliminating earth clods without compaction; Working depth varies from 1' to 8' A height adjustable levelling bar and side deflectors ensure soil levelling the width of the machine  A finishing tool (packer roller and others) refine the...