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  • Flat Deck Trailers

  • Low Loader / Beavertail Trailer

    Low Loader / Beavertail Trailer

    A bale trailer, box trailer, call it what you like; but flat deck trailers have been around for a while and are still the best way to transport a lot of our goods around. But it's only a flat-deck trailer, surely there's nothing 'special' or different about a Larrington flat deck trailer when compared to another flat deck trailer!? Admittedly there isn't as much that goes in to a flat deck as a tipping trailer or ejector trailer. But as with all our...

  • Curtain Side Trailer

    Curtain Side Trailer

    We have always built Flat Deck trailers but there has been a surge in the requests for Curtain Sided trailers. These flat decked trailers are ideal for transporting your boxes/pallets and other materials while keeping them protected from the elements and weather. With a range of sizes and colours to choose from, take a look at what the Larrington curtain side trailer has to offer.

  • Ejector Trailers

  • Chaser Trailer

    Chaser Trailer

    Based on the multi-award winning Crop Transfer Trailer, the Chaser Trailer features the Larrington Ejector ram system, sealed sliding floor and headboard, and a formed crop discharge chute at the rear; making it perfect for use with a variety of crops including Sugarbeet, Grain, Maize, Potatoes, Carrots, Peas, and lots more.

  • Beet Chaser

    Beet Chaser

    Introducing the Larrington Beet Chaser. The latest addition to our increasing range of specialist machinery, this self-propelled Beet Chaser enables you to get in the field and get the work done. This self propelled unit shares the same innovation award winning body design that has made the Chaser Trailer so popular. A 6mm steel floor, and 4mm steel body with RHS box section side supports give the body extra strength.

  • Straw Machines

  • Carrot Straw Spreader

    Carrot Straw Spreader

    Larrington Trailer have been manufacturing straw Spreaders since 1983 , and have sold machines in the UK, North America, Across Europe and into Scandinavia. The Covering of crops with straw to protect them from frost damage over the winter period has become a standard practice throughout many countries since its early development in 1983. Originally the machine was a 3 bale carrying machine, now a 9 bale carrying machine, we are constantly developing...