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  • Flat Deck Trailers

  • Flat Deck Trailer

    Flat Deck Trailer

    A bale trailer, box trailer, call it what you like; but flat deck trailers have been around for a while and are still the best way to transport a lot of our goods around. But it's only a flat-deck trailer, surely there's nothing 'special' or different about a Larrington flat deck trailer when compared to another flat deck trailer!? Admittedly there isn't as much that goes in to a flat deck as a tipping trailer or ejector trailer. But as with all our...

  • Hydraulic Beavertail Trailer

    Hydraulic Beavertail Trailer

    A Trailer that many people have been asking about for some time now is the beavertail trailer. Useful for many different reasons, the beavertail trailer is often used for bales, fencing, and general haulage requirements with the added benefit of being to easily transport light vehicles on it thanks to hydraulic 'beaver-tail'.

  • Low Loader Trailer

    Low Loader Trailer

    The Larrington Low Loader is a heavy duty low loader trailer suitable for the transport of vehicles over short and long distances. Continue reading to find out more about our Low Loader trailers.

  • People Carrier Trailer

    People Carrier Trailer

    Designed originally to carry people around a show and farm open day, the Larrington People carrier features 2 row (back to back) seating, and a full length heavy Duty Poly-WeaveLAC-640PVC canopy. Ideal for farm open days, and for transporting people during the shooting season. Both the seating and canopy can be removed easily leaving you with a Flat Deck trailer.

  • Tipping Trailers

  • Harvester Tipping Trailers

    Harvester Tipping Trailers

    This new trailer range is priced to compete with trailer manufacturers from Sleaford and Scotland, while keeping the design and build quality that Larrington Trailers are known for. Like all Larrington trailers, The Harvester trailers are constructed from steel that is folded and formed on our 8m brakes press and cut on our 8m plasma cutter, which means there are made from one piece of steel where our competition joins smaller pieces together. This...

  • Straw Machines

  • Carrot Straw Spreader

    Carrot Straw Spreader

    Larrington Trailer have been manufacturing straw Spreaders since 1983 , and have sold machines in the UK, North America, Across Europe and into Scandinavia. The Covering of crops with straw to protect them from frost damage over the winter period has become a standard practice throughout many countries since its early development in 1983. Originally the machine was a 3 bale carrying machine, now a 9 bale carrying machine, we are constantly developing...