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  • Drying Technology

  • LASCO - Hay Drying with Dehumidifiers

    LASCO - Hay Drying with Dehumidifiers

    The hay drying with air dehumidifier requires a competent contact person. With over 50 employees, we possess the necessary knowledge in various areas. Already in the year 2013, we had begun to evaluate 150 drying control systems. This data, which come from the various regions of Europe, formed the basis for a completely new generation of air dehumidifiers.

  • Hay Technology

  • LASCO - Round Bale Collector

    LASCO - Round Bale Collector

    The round bale collector is the result of the “practical idea 2012”. It was designed by a farmer, but we brought it to the production stage. This unit is a substantial relief in the round bale harvest chain and we are convinced that it will satisfy many farmers.

  • LASCO - Monorail Crane

    LASCO - Monorail Crane

    The Lasco monorail crane is available with mechanical and hydraulic gripper design, and ideally suited for hay, round bales, forage and silage, but also for wood chippings.

  • LASCO - Hay Cleaning Machines

    LASCO - Hay Cleaning Machines

    The Hay Cleaning machine of LASCO prepares the feed and makes it more digestible, free from dust, soil, stones, weed seeds and foreign bodies.