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  • Ledgard - Extra Heavy Duty Cutter Bar

    Ledgard - Extra Heavy Duty Cutter Bar

    These bars are specifically designed for very dense timber such as almonds, olives and large old vineyards. The extra heavy duty cutter bar requires a large oil supply from either tractor or a PTO-driven power pack. They are a modified version of our Heavy Duty Cutter Bars, but with larger hydraulic motors and a redesigned blade assembly to suit the bigger cuts. Extra Heavy Duty Cutter Bars are available in custom lengths up to 3.1m.

  • Ledgard - Heavy Duty Cutter Bar

    Ledgard - Heavy Duty Cutter Bar

    These bars, available in lengths from 0.8m to 3.1m, are made for heavy duty work and carry two double acting blades with the Ledgard scalloped teeth. The one-piece blades are hydraulically driven and machined from a specially selected steel, renowned for its toughness. Vibration free operation and minimum maintenance have been designed into the system. Custom made pivots are avaible to suit you and your cutter bar requirements.