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  • Landini - Model Mistral Series  - Compact Tractor

    Landini - Model Mistral Series - Compact Tractor

    The Mistral Series compact tractors offer a restyled design and ergonomically improved controls. These tractors are a concentrate of technology that combines unequalled power, versatility and comfort. Agile and easy to handle, the Landini Mistral tractors are ideal for use in confined spaces such as vineyard and orchard rows and greenhouses, but are equally perfect for gardening works and maintenance of green areas and municipalities. The plunging...

  • Landini - Model Alpine Series - Compact Tractor

    Landini - Model Alpine Series - Compact Tractor

    The Alpine series completes the new Landini tractor range with a powerful, lightweight and versatile tractor designed to meet the demand for high productivity in the low-power range (69,5 to 81 HP ISO). The Alpine series comes in two versions - Standard and GT - and in a choice of 4 four-wheel drive models - 70, 80 and 85. The Alpine STD version features drop-down final drives and a specially-built 4WD front axle with integral braking system allowing...

  • Chillton Loaders

  • The Chillton Loaders Range

    The Chillton Loaders Range

    We have a wide range of Chillton Loaders available - to discuss your requirements and for more information please contact us on:Workshop: 01769 580524 - Mob: 07802 540257.