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  • Indented Multi Coupling Sixfold Dripper Pipe

    Indented Multi Coupling Sixfold Dripper Pipe

    Indented multi coupling dripper pipefourfold 1'xØ16 (x) - fourfold 1'xØ20 (x) - double 1'xØ16 double 1'xØ20 -triple 1'xØ16 - triple 1'xØ20 - fourfold 1'xØ16 (k) fourfold 1'xØ20 (k) - sixfold 1'xØ16-sixfold 1'xØ20.

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  • Model Eolos - Dripper Pipes Tape

    Model Eolos - Dripper Pipes Tape

    Dripper Pipes Tape Eolos is the economic driplines thin wall produced a wide variety of tube sizes and benefits, integrates aeolus drippers that can be cleaned under high pressure, maintaining high uniformity of provision and has high resistance to clogging.

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  • Dripper Plug

    Dripper Plug

    Characteristics: Packing - Smallpacking: Black 100, Bigpacking: Black 5000. Units in box: 100.

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  • Antileak Valve

    Antileak Valve

    Antileak valve: Black- open 2 bar close 1 bar Orange- open 3,2 bar close 2 bar. Units in Box: 50.

  • Complete Fogger System

    Complete Fogger System

    Used for cooling on interior and exterior places, in greenhouses and farms, each nozzle covers an area of 1-1,5 m2 and requires pressure 4 bar.

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  • Tank Adaptor

    Tank Adaptor

    Tank Adaptor (with single elastomeric ring) 1/2' X 1/2'X65mm- 2' X2' X85mm.

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  • Gardens Irrigation

  • Model lrrile - Drip Irrigation Vegetable Garden Kit

    Model lrrile - Drip Irrigation Vegetable Garden Kit

    Water Timer including. Irrigate up to 60 garden or vegetables plants. In-clouding self-flashing drippers. Fit any plants lay out. Suitable for plants both in plots or in the ground. Long laf-ting . Detail instruction inclusive . Very easy to install.

  • Model IRO-650 - Rotary Sprinkler

    Model IRO-650 - Rotary Sprinkler

    General properties: Sprinkler with the drive technology using water and lubricating gears. Silent irrigation system. Models with integrated electrically actuated valve (12 VDC, 24VAC). Reinforced with brass rings. 1 'female connection(without valve) and 1 1/2' (valve). Made of plastic, brass and stainless steel. Teflon, steel and rubber in rotatable joints. stainless steel spring with constant tension. The irrigation area can be easily adjusted by the...