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  • The IronHorse

  • Forest Machine

    Forest Machine

    The Forest Machine If you want to use the IronHorse for heavy forestry with the option of a powerful winch you should take a close look at the Pro models. This is a true workhorse – a product that delivers impressive performance. It shares the same basic design as the base model but is also equipped with timber bunk, restraining strap, extension stakes, load guard, chainsaw holder and storage box. Available with 5.5, 9.0 or 13 hp Honda engine....

  • Telescopic Loader

    Telescopic Loader

    A highly effective tool for heavier forest work and harvesting timber for fuel, as well as professional landscaping. Specially developed for the IronHorse. Also ideal for ditch digging A Pro model fitted with a telescopic loader crane opens up many additional applications: excavation, ditch digging, guiding felled trees, earth auger, etc.

  • IronHorse - Flex Hunting Edition

    IronHorse - Flex Hunting Edition

    Iron Horse Flex Hunting Edition is a basic model for those who want a simple machine for skidding and that you can equip to your liking. The machine comes with 5.5 HP or 9 hp Honda engine. Together with our specially developed  mooseplatform or our moose trailerä this is what define 'The MooseHorse'.

  • Bandsaw Mills

    Bandsaw Mills

    Our band saw comes in two versions - one with 5.5 kW electric motor operation, and with 13hp Honda Motor. Both versions can be equipped with electric height adjustment as a 12V motor is  used to operate the height adjustment. The sawmills have cast aluminum wheels and wheel arches that are processed in modern machines, which guarantees a high quality and a sawing result comparable to much larger sawmills. The sawband is started and stopped with a...

  • WheelHorse - Smooth Forest Machine

    WheelHorse - Smooth Forest Machine

    Did you miss a machine for forestry that is truly designed for accessibility, capacity and usability? We are extremely pleased to be able to present a revolutionary concept that involves unusual forestmachine that you can both go on and operate via steering handle you know from Iron Horse. We have used a well tested technology solutions from Iron Horse and combined this with the need for a new unusal vehicles for forestry. Just as the Iron Horse, the...