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  • Guidance Systems

  • Model 110 - GPS Lightbar Guidance System

    Model 110 - GPS Lightbar Guidance System

    Topcon's lightbar guidance systems are well known tools of agriculture, improving efficiency and operating speeds while reducing overlap and extending hours of operation.System 110 delivers maximum operating simplicity in a lightbar guidance product. With features such as a detachable lightbar for optimum 'field of view' placement and a 5' high-visibility color display that operates in separate 'day' and 'night' modes, System 110 will quickly become...

  • Autosteer Systems

  • Model 150 - Fully Automated Steering System

    Model 150 - Fully Automated Steering System

    Using next generation positioning technology, System 150 provides industry leading performance for today's farmer. On-screen visual aids and easy-to-read coverage maps provide job information for complete application accuracy. System 150 supports a wide range of steering ready tractors.

  • Model 350 - Fully Automated Steering System

    Model 350 - Fully Automated Steering System

    System 350 brings state-of-the-art power to your agricultural operations. Featuring simple and flexible software, the X30 console provides a versatile work platform with features to improve farm management, increase efficiency, and enhance machine capabilities. Topcon's System 350 smoothly merges high-accuracy autosteering/positioning with variable rate/autosection control, detailed mapping/data logging, and versatile information management with an...

  • Receivers

  • Model AGI-4 - Receiver/Steering Controller

    Model AGI-4 - Receiver/Steering Controller

    AGI-4A complete integrated steering solution featuring multiple-constellation GNSS satellite reception, state-of-the-art inertial sensors, full terrain compensation, with superior line acquisition and holding capabilities. All-in-one, modular design includes antenna, receiver, and steering controller in a single component offering unmatched upgradeability. Standard with WAAS and EGNOS, easily upgradeable to 2cm accuracy with RTK radio options....

  • Model SGR-1 - Guidance and Mapping Receiver

    Model SGR-1 - Guidance and Mapping Receiver

    Featuring Topcon’s new TruPass advanced positioning technology for higher, more stable pass-to-pass accuracies in dynamic ag applications. The SGR-1 is a single board receiver with a position update rate of 10Hz, upgradeable to 20Hz. With 32 universal channels, the SGR-1 tracks different combinations of GPS L1 C/A, code and carrier, GLONASS L1 code and carrier, as well as SBAS including EGNOS and WAAS.