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  • Tile Plow

    Tile Plow

    Built by a contractor for use by a contractor or farmer alike.  Jr. Liebrecht has been in the tiling business for over 25 years, and continues today.  All his experience went into designing, testing, and improving the Liebrecht Drainage Plow.

  • Model 30 - Side Ditcher

    Model 30 - Side Ditcher

    Clean out existing open ditches up to 6 feet deep. Laser grade control. 1000 RPM gear driven pump drives the auger head. Kicks rocks up side of ditch bank. Spreads the soil up to 100 feet. Eliminate heavy equipment in the field.

  • Box Scraper

    Box Scraper

    10 and 12 Foot Models. Replaceable Cutting Edge. Replaceable Teeth. Optional Laser System Set-Up. Sheepsfoot and Scarifier (Attachments Available). Road-Ready With 11-22.5 Tires. Dual Wheels Available.

  • Model GL720 - Dual Grade

    Model GL720 - Dual Grade

    This economical choice has +/-10% in the X axis grade range and -0.5 to +25% Y axis grade range with high accuracy up to 3,000 ft. diameter.  Ideal for general construction and machine control grade applications.

  • Model GL722 - Dual Grade

    Model GL722 - Dual Grade

    With the same range and base capabilities as the GL720, the GL722 includes the. benefits of the full Radio Remote functions . . . plus Automatic Axis Alignment capability.  Ideal for general construction, site preparation and road construction. Each unit comes with a laser receiver standard, your choice of power options, and the best service and support in the industry.  With the GL700 series, you can count on quicker setups and more...

  • Laser Towers

    Laser Towers

    Hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower laser transmitter. Adjustable height from 9 ft. to 16 ft. Gauge height indicator to identify transmitter height. Hydraulically raise and lower wheels for transport. Self contained 12V hydraulic system. Will hold accurate beam of light in up to 35 mph wind gusts. Optional Remote allows for changing elevation heights. Remote is able to raise and lower beam from 2000 ft. away. Laser transmitter stability in wind...