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    THE ROLE OF POTASSIUM Increases root growth and improves drought resistance. .Maintains turgor, reduces water loss and wilting. Aids in photosynthesis and food formation. Enhances translocation of sugars & starch particularly during grain fill. Produces grain rich in starch. Increased protein content in plants. Builds cellulose and reduces lodging. Activates many enzyme systems. Maximises N usage. Reduces disease susceptibility.

  • Multimin - Chelated Micronutrient Liquid

    Multimin - Chelated Micronutrient Liquid

    Multimin has three main uses. It can be used to correct manganese and copper deficiencies, act as maintenance treatment in intensive rotations and be used as a foliar stimulant to stressed crops growing in adverse conditions.   Micronutrient deficiencies are common on light and medium soils with high pH and particularly where liming has been practised or where heavy applications of nitrogen and potash have been used. Maintenance treatments with Multimin...