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  • Feed Equipment

  • Rayman - Model SS-429 - Portable Fertilizer Belt Conveyor

    Rayman - Model SS-429 - Portable Fertilizer Belt Conveyor

    The SS-429 is a universal conveyor for moving bulk materials. Control the rate of discharge by adjusting the belt speed from zero to 450 feet per minute. Direct the discharge chute for precise loading straight down or off of the end. Discharge height of 12’6” insures easy filling of most transport and floater trucks. The Ray-Man SS-429 Portable Fertilizer Belt Conveyor is balanced for one-man hook-up, and its adjustable wheel track...

  • Floater Loader

    Floater Loader

    The Floater Loader conveyor can be used to unload most bulk materials. It has a rugged frame that does not fold so there are no dangerous pivot points. The conveyor’s hopper has a versatile design so that it can be filled using an end dump truck, live bottom trailer or loader. It also has a convenient hydraulic landing gear for easy hook-up to your floater or pick-up truck. The Floater Loader conveyor is primarily used for moving agricultural...

  • Norwood  - Tender

    Norwood - Tender

    Tri-Axle Trailer- Air Ride. 304 Stainless Steel 3 hopper tender. 24 ft tank, hydraulic gates. 900 cu capacity. Wireless remote package, Agri Cover electronic roll tarp. B&B 42 ft overall, 10 ft top deck

  • Spreaders

  • MultApplier-Ready - Model L4000G4  - Spreader

    MultApplier-Ready - Model L4000G4 - Spreader

    New Leader® L4000G4 is a culmination of the best of the best! The design of the L4000G4 provides modular hydraulic packages to suit your spreading needs, plus the ability to add a second, third or fourth bin at any time with the addition of the MultApplier or MultiBin. The customizable L4000G4 is designed to meet your needs. Choose between a 13' or 14' body length; painted 409 stainless steel or non-painted 304 stainless steel and a #4...

  • Model L3030G4 - Spreader

    Model L3030G4 - Spreader

    Designed for flexibility and low maintenance, the New Leader® L3030G4 crop nutrient applicator is the ultimate fertilizer and lime spreader. Spread fertilizer rates as low as 50 lbs. to as high as 1,100 lbs. and still achieve effective spread patterns up to 90 feet. You can even spread up to 2 ton rates of ag lime at 12 mph with spread widths up to 60 feet.

  • Agriculture Trailers

  • Duo Lift- Nurse  - Model TD1200CB Series - Liquid Fertilizer Nurse Trailers

    Duo Lift- Nurse - Model TD1200CB Series - Liquid Fertilizer Nurse Trailers

    The Cone Bottom Wagon is designed to accommodate a 1200 gallon cone bottom tank with a 15 degree slope.The wagon is easy to pull and maneuver in tight spots and allows for complete drainage on uneven terrain. With this nurse unit you will increase the time your implement is in the field, giving you greater flexibility and mobility. The complete drainage and larger capacity greatly increases your efficiency and production. As always Duo Lift offers...