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  • Aquaculture Equipment for fish farming

  • Aquaculture Oxygen Monitoring Systems

    Aquaculture Oxygen Monitoring Systems

    Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring for aquaculture, waste water and environmental. Obviously oxygen monitoring, and its control, is one of the key parameters to a successful aquaculture operation. Also suitable for waste water treatment, industrial processes and environmental monitoring. We recognized back in 2004 a gap in the market for a monitoring system which delivers all the functions and more of the established market leaders at a...

  • RAS Pumps - Low Head High Volume

    RAS Pumps - Low Head High Volume

    We work with a number of major supplyers specialising in low head high volume pumps for large systems (flow rate > 1000 m3/hr). For flow rates in multiples of 100m3/hr we have developed our own highly successful propellor pump which has now been tested since 2000 with more than 60 units in operation.  This pump is specific to Llyn Aqua RAS systems and can lift 100m3/hr of water (marine or fresh) over a head of 1 m with a...

  • Drum Filters for Aquaculture

    Drum Filters for Aquaculture

    We can not only specify the most appropriate equipment for your requirements at the best price, but if required can undertake any design of your systems needed.

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  • Aquaculture Drum Filters

  • Fish Elevators

  • Standard - Model F77 - Fish Elevators

    Standard - Model F77 - Fish Elevators

    Fish elevators are very frequently used in continental fish farms, especially in trouts farming and used to feed an automatic fish grader. Versatile and robust, this elevator is also used in tilapias, sea breams, sea bass farmings ... Made with quality materials.

  • Model F77  - Automatic Aluminium Fish Elevator

    Model F77 - Automatic Aluminium Fish Elevator

    Automatic fish elevator with an aluminium frame of a new design to meet the needs of marine fish farmers, offering ease of use on sea cages... Also suitable for medium sized fish farms.

  • Fish Graders

  • Helios - Model 10 - Fish Graders

    Helios - Model 10 - Fish Graders

    Helios 10 is a very accurate fish grader operating at high flow rate to size alevin. Light and easy to handle, HELIOS 10 is suitable for all situations. An essential, modern, high performance machine for hatcheries. Our automatic fish graders can sort any fish species : trouts, salmons, sea bass, sea breams, tilapias, eels, carps, perches, barramundi...

  • Helios  - Model 25  - Fish Grader

    Helios - Model 25 - Fish Grader

    The Helios 25 is an ultra lightweight fish grader whith 2 channels wich can be used in any situation. An essential machine for your fish farming.

  • Fish Counters

  • Fish Pumps