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  • Forwarders

  • Model 4F GT - Forwarder

    Model 4F GT - Forwarder

    Logset 4F GT is the smallest machine in the Logset forwarder range yet offering large power. This 10-tonne capacity machine has been designed for thinning in dense forests. Due to its small size, it literally floats on wet ground with minimum impact. Although the 4F GT is a compact forwarder, it is a really powerful thanks to its a 4,9l AGCO Power engine developing 125kW (170 hp). The customer can choose between two crane types with different...

  • Model 5F GT - Forwarder

    Model 5F GT - Forwarder

    Logset 5F GT is a compact 12-tonne forwarder that combines the best features of a small machine for thinnings with the final felling capacity. The Logset 5F GT with its big 26.5” wheels, high ground clearance and excellent climbing ability is the solution for difficult terrain and varied ground conditions. The bogie wheels of the standard trailer are practically following the front wheels, offering excellent maneuverability and making the...

  • Model 5FP GT - Forwarder

    Model 5FP GT - Forwarder

    Logset 5FP GT is the big brother of Logset 5F GT. It is an all-round forwarder with a powerful 6 cylinder 6.6l AGCO Power engine with SCR technology. The engine provides plenty of power, traction force and speed for demanding slopes, deep snow, muddy conditions... The machine is easy to operate when driving downhill thanks to the 6 cylinder engine’s braking force. The longer wheel base means optimal balance even when loading long logs or two...

  • Harvesters

  • Model 5H GT - Harvester

    Model 5H GT - Harvester

    The 5H GT is a compact, narrow and agile machine designed to handle thinnings and even smaller clear-felling. The 5H GT is available with either a nimble Mesera Loglift L181V crane or a stronger Mesera Loglift L220V crane. The 5H GT is a very economical machine with its fuel efficient 4 cylinder AGCO Power engine, optimized hydraulics and fine-tuned machine control.

  • Model 6H GT - Harvester

    Model 6H GT - Harvester

    The 6H GT has a 4 cylinder engine which is still available with the common rail IIIA technology. The front bogie wheels and the big rear wheels increase flotation and clearance. These features together with the short rear overhang make the machine well suited for demanding conditions such as rocky terrain, soft ground and deep snow. The reach of the Mesera Loglift L220V crane is up to 11 meters which increases the possibility to grab all trees to be...

  • Model 5HP GT - Harvester

    Model 5HP GT - Harvester

    The 5HP GT is a more powerful version of the 5H GT. It has a 7.4 liters 6 cylinder engine with 150kW and SCR technology. The engine provides a power reserve, allowing the operator to run at lower revs. This premium machine remains compact and narrow with 22.5 bogie wheels. The machine width can be narrowed down to 2,5m with 600mm wheels. The harvester is equipped with a Mesera Loglift L220V crane.

  • Harvester Heads

  • Model TH55 - Harvester Head

    Model TH55 - Harvester Head

    TheTH55head has been designed for second and third thinning but it is also suitable for smaller clear cuts. TheTH55can be equipped with multiple stem handling option to enable trouble fee collection of multiple trunks.Reaction rod design provides optimal centring of the stem for accurate length measuring. The log is measured by sensors both on the top knives (diameter) and by hydraulic measuring wheel (length). Proportional valves with check valve...

  • Model TH65 / TH65X - Harvester Head

    Model TH65 / TH65X - Harvester Head

    The TH65 heads also contain the latest harvesting head technology such as proportional control of the knives and feeding action. This head is a heavy duty head designed for thinning and clear cutting. The four motor feeding system with an integrated differential lock provides effective feeding in all conditions and synchronises the rotation of the wheels and roller.Diameter measuring on the main delimbing knives catches the cross-section of the stem...

  • Model TH75 / TH75X - Harvester Head

    Model TH75 / TH75X - Harvester Head

    TheTH75harvester head is manufactured for bigger clear-cuts and heavy trees. With its four fast hydraulic motors and its three steel feed rollers, power and strength are the given key words. Based on experience, Logset have been able to further improve thereliabilityand life time of our heads.TheTH75has a relatively short chassis, weighs in at only 1300kg and is perfectly matched to our mid and large sized harvesters, the 8H and 10H. The design is...