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  • Separators

  • Model SM 260/25 - Separators

    Model SM 260/25 - Separators

    A separator is the most important component when it comes to splitting liquid manure. Usually a comminuting pump is needed to load the separator and also an agitator for the homogenization of the liquid manure.Careful workmanship and select materials allow to apply the separator even under the most difficult conditions, e.g. in slaughterhouses or in the paper or food industry.The separation offers significant advantages regarding both the solid parts...

  • Slurry Technology

  • Model DGP - Thick Slurry Pump

    Model DGP - Thick Slurry Pump

    The pumps are available with or without stirring nozzle. At a pit depth of 3.50 meters , an additional stirring nozzle is advisable. Universal applications; option for a second oil chamber at a pump length of 5 meters. Pumps are as well available in stainless steel (V2A, material no. 1.4301 AISI) at additional charge.

  • Agitators for Biogas