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  • Receiving Stations

  • Lowry - Model DumPit - Drive-Over Receiving Stations

    Lowry - Model DumPit - Drive-Over Receiving Stations

    The drive-over Lowry DumPit was designed with the goal of increasing the speed, safety, and ease of harvesting. DumPits can be set up to move all the grain from the pit into a holding bin and then automatically end that operation. Because all of the corn or other grain is moved into a bin (such as a bin that feeds into a dryer), the pits will empty within a matter of minutes and be ready for the next full truckload. That automation means that you can...

  • Lowry - Basement Insert

    Lowry - Basement Insert

    The Lowry Basement Insert is a good solution for large-volume or commercial operations, and when used in conjunction with a conveyor system a 1,000 bushel or larger pit can be unloaded considerably faster than a conventional pit, and with less potential damage to grain (an important factor when working with seed-quality grains). The open basement setup allows for easy access to the conveyor for maintenance.

  • Structural Stands

  • Lowry - Structural Stands

    Lowry - Structural Stands

    Lowry Manufacturing designs and builds custom structural stands to support most brands of round hopper bins. Stands can be designed to hold round bins up to 24 feet in diameter. The drive-through height and width can be customized to meet the customer's specifications. The bolt-together design of Lowry structure can be easily transported to a construction site, and can be assembled using a minimal of labor and time. All structures are built to high...