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  • Hay Spears

  • Lucas - Hay Spears Single Spears

    Lucas - Hay Spears Single Spears

    The Lucas Hay Spears Single Spear model comes standard with 48″ main solid steel spears that offer 44″ of usable spear. In addition to two secondary spears that help provide the implement with a no-spin stabilizer system during the transportation of round bales and square bales. All Single Spear models are backed with a 3″ solid steel frame, unlike the cheaper competitors on the...

  • Lucas - Hay Spears - Double Spear

    Lucas - Hay Spears - Double Spear

    The Lucas Hay Spears Double Spear model provides hay bale producers, farmers, ranchers, and rural homeowners with the most reliable double bale spear attachment on the market. This model of Lucas Hay Spears comes standard with two main 48″ solid steel tapered spears that have 44″ of usable spear available. These main spears are adequately spaced out and backed with a back guard. This design helps provide farmers with the safest and most...

  • Grapples

  • Lucas - Grapple

    Lucas - Grapple

    Does your project require moving heavy objects? Then the heavy-duty Lucas Grapple is your solution. The Lucas Grapple has dual grapples with aggressive serrated teeth that operate independently to hold uneven loads securely. The Lucas Grapple comes standard with a 33” wide jaw opening, one of the widest jaw capacity ratings in its class. In addition to a solid-steel plate that protects the unit’s hydraulics when in use. Available in...

  • Hay Trailer

  • Lucas - Heavy Duty Hay Trailer

    Lucas - Heavy Duty Hay Trailer

    The Lucas Metal Works Hay Trailer is the perfect tool to transport your hay bales. NINE bales of hay can be hauled by a Lucas Metal Works Hay Trailer. Load and unload those hay bales with ease. One lever and the bales are released with our Heavy Duty proven latch system. Two 7,000 pound axles with brakes give added support to the already Heavy Duty 8″ square tube frame. Built to Last Heavy Duty rear bumper to withstand the bumps from the...