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  • Cattle Equipment & Supplies

  • Model MH30 - Super Insulated Cattle Waterer

    Model MH30 - Super Insulated Cattle Waterer

    Features: Serves 125 head of cattle Suitable for range, pasture or feedlot use Painted, galvanized steel jacket with formed galvanized steel trough and cast iron valve cover Double-drink, electric heated Dimensions: 29'H x 21'W x 31'L 500 watt electric heated.

  • Hog Equipment & Supplies

  • Model SSFA-U - Single Sow Farrowing Unit

    Model SSFA-U - Single Sow Farrowing Unit

    Features  Galvanized Smidley steel-covered roof opens to allow sunlight into unit to sterilize and keep dry Easy access to clean and care for litter Pig rails on side and back end of unit Four oak-runners or skids Two coats best orange paint Extra heavy 5' T-hinges bolted on full-height door Two door hooks Cement coated nails in construction hold house together securely One-half inch roof insulation against summer heat and winter moisture...

  • Model 18 - Nursery Feeder

    Model 18 - Nursery Feeder

    Nursery feeder made of high-density, durable polyethylene with 304 stainless steel grills. These feeders are designed to feed three pigs per hole from weaning up to 60 lbs./27 kg. Install feeders into fencing and use as a gate or mount directly to the fence or wall. The feed-flow panel is ridged but pliable and works with the pig's natural tendency to agitate. The panel is easily adjusted with oversized knobs conveniently located at the top of the...

  • Livestock Waterers

  • Model MK32 - Heated Cattle and Horse Waterer

    Model MK32 - Heated Cattle and Horse Waterer

    Features Super insulated, double-drink, heated livestock waterer is ideal for stalls, corrals, and paddocks This unit is 18' high to water 25 horses, 40 ponies, 100 calves, 40 head of cattle, or small groups of wildlife Heavy gauge sidewalls and drawn steel troughs are rounded to prevent livestock injury Dimensions: 23-3/4' L x 13' W x 18' H. 110 V AC, 250 watts.

  • Heated Hog Waterer

    Heated Hog Waterer

    Waters up to 150 hogs. Install in a fence line to serve two pens. Rugged lids keep dirt out and save heat in winter. Mud grates keep water clean and sanitary. Dimensions: 11-3/4'H x 13'W x 23-3/4'L. 250 watt electric heating.