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  • Lyndon - Chain Harrow

    Lyndon - Chain Harrow

    Designed to eliminate excessive wear these harrows are suitable for direct drilling, over sowing, light levelling and spreading horse or cattle manure.  Rear spreader bar helps self-cleaning action and square section helps cut manure while the angle design spreads and smooths manure evenly. Round interlocking joining links mean less wear.  Ideally suited for use behind discs and grubbers.

  • Lyndon - Spiked Chain Harrow

    Lyndon - Spiked Chain Harrow

    Standard model comes with bars and the spiked chain harrow. Rotating rings means less wear. Spikes for pasture rejuvenation and manure spreading can be turned over and used for seed covering.

  • Lyndon - Combo Harrow

    Lyndon - Combo Harrow

    All these harrows are suitable for many applications such as spreading manure from horses and cattle, removing twitch and dead grass, for relieving, compacting and pugging in fields, lawns and horse arenas.  Also great for over sowing and light levelling.