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  • Lynex - Model SX1000 - Radio Controlled Flail Slope Mower

    Lynex - Model SX1000 - Radio Controlled Flail Slope Mower

    The Lynex SX1000 is a radio controlled flail slope mower designed for mowing slopes of up to 75 degrees With very low ground pressure the machine is particularly useful in ecologically sensitive areas and over soft ground. The machine cuts long grass and light scrub but also provides a very good finish on short mown areas. The reliable transmission, combined with powerful cutting high performance even under difficult conditions, and the machine is...

  • Lynex - Model TX1500 - Mower

    Lynex - Model TX1500 - Mower

    X1500 makes the impossible possible. Never before has a tool carrier been able to adapt to the situation with perfection. Gravity and ground clearance The center of gravity on the TX1500 can be moved to the extreme. The hydraulically adjusted between 10 and 55 cm, which provides optimal opportunities to drive on slopes up to 45 degrees, and on marsh land or water. This happens with a small touch on the remote control. The machine has hydraulic...