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  • Reinke Irrigation Systems

    Reinke Irrigation Systems

    V-Ring Seal: Has a patented design that protects the seal from UV rays and elements. High Strength Materials: We use high tensile strength steel that creates a stronger, lighter system. Double Walled Tower Boxes: Protects critical electrical components and eliminates condensation. Single Leg Tower: Less crop damage and increased durability. 5 Types of Pipe Options: Provided options for all types of water. Remote Monitoring: Allows control and monitoring...

  • Kifco - Water-Reels

    Kifco - Water-Reels

    M-M offers Kifco reels sized from 1.1'' hose diameter up to 4.5''. Kifco is a premier hard hose manufacture with equipment for watering pastures, row crops ,sports field , waste water disposal and riding arenas.