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  • Greenhouse Automation

  • MABEG - Model THM - Climate Control Systems

    MABEG - Model THM - Climate Control Systems

    Climate control is a system for creating and maintaining a constant room climate. In Germany the term 'Klimaanlage' is used in the sense that the temperature, humidity and air quality within a room can be produced and maintained. By contrast, when referring to such a system in other countries, it is often understood to simply mean a system for keeping a room cool (air conditioning).

  • MABEG - Heating Systems

    MABEG - Heating Systems

    Ever rising energy prices for non-renewable energy sources are likely to become a dilemma for every building owner and investor. That's why we are there for you - to make sure this does not become a permanent headache! .  We present you with the best solution for your particular task, irrespective of whether you are interested in oil, gas, coal or wood, heat pumps or solar energy, combined heat and power plant or fuel cells.

  • Switchgear Cabinet

  • MABEG - Switchgear Cabinet

    MABEG - Switchgear Cabinet

    Switchgear cabinets for controls through climate control computers in greenhouse and building management. We build and develop switchgear cabinets according to your specs or develop a suitable solution based on your tasks profile.