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  • Merry Tillers

  • Minnie Mid-Tine - Model MT - Tillers

    Minnie Mid-Tine - Model MT - Tillers

    The Minnie Tiller is the smallest Mid-Tine® by MacKissic, but do not let the size fool you. The Minnie is a tough little tiller. The Mid-Tine® design places the weight of the machine on the tines, helping the tiller dig, and easing the burden off of the user. The Minnie is perfect for a small vegetable garden with a tilling width of 12 inches or 18 inches, the Minnie can easily fit through tight rows.

  • Suburban Mid-Tine - Model ST - Tillers

    Suburban Mid-Tine - Model ST - Tillers

    The Suburban Tiller is the choice of serious gardeners. The Mid-Tine® Suburban offers superior handling and better weight balance when compared to front tine tillers. The Suburban is great for just about any size garden, whether you need to break new ground, expand or create a new garden, or if you have a mature garden, the Suburban is right for you.

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  • Leaf Blowers

    Leaf Blowers

    Mighty Mac leaf blowers by MacKissic create gale force winds between 160 mph and 200 mph to blow leaves and debris into neat windrows or piles. This gale is created by a balanced high-speed poly fiber reinforced impeller. This helps the machine run quieter and smoother. The housing is aerodynamically designed for maximum and smooth air flow. This design helps reduce wear and tear on the machine and the engine as it is designed for efficiency. LB...