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  • Milking Parlors

  • Integra - Model M - Rotary System

    Integra - Model M - Rotary System

    The desing of this Rotary System allows the milker to stand closer to the platform, with a determined height to reach and attach the milking unit to the cow with no problem and minimum movement because of parlor's rotation . This allows a higher work capacity per milker (less milkers), thus ensuring a fast , efficient and comfortable milking.

  • Cow Comfort

  • Model 36 - Basket Fans

    Model 36 - Basket Fans

    The guard by side of cone-shaped air condenses into a narrow stream that creates a higher speed and blows the air much farther than conventional basket fans. The frontal guard is further away from the blades than most basket fans, allowing to increase the space between the wiring of the guard, reducing air resistance by up to 40%. Removable Frontal guard, helping to reduce cleaning time and maintenance without tools. The embedding of dirt and dust is...

  • Model Zig Zag - Mats

    Model Zig Zag - Mats

    Specifically designed for traction. Can be cut to various sizes ( custom fitting available) . Processed from the highest quality materials. Made to be durable and long lasting.  100% rubber reinforced with embedded steel cable. Because of its density, these mats help to have an orthopedic effect, as they help to prevent joint deterioration and increase comfort in the animal's feet. Help increase the lifetime of the floor and reduce noise. Highly...

  • Madero  - Pasture Mat

    Madero - Pasture Mat

    Multi-celled mattress filled with uniformly sized rubber crumb. Field-tested longer than any other rubber filled, multi-celled mattress on the market today, all these characteristics gives and excellent comfort. Madero Pasture Mat, reduces the cost of beeding and amount  of labor needed to maintain clean stalls, while increasing cow comfort. Madero Pasture Mat is shock absorbent, thereby eliminating the risk of...

  • Milking Equipment

  • Madero - Model 320 - Milking Claw

    Madero - Model 320 - Milking Claw

    MADERO Claw 320 is simply the best, a combination of high technology and simplicity. Big volume, high flow rate, incredible vacuum stability. The strong and robust bowl design resists damage like no other. Polisulfone made cover, high visibility, stainless steel body, rounded nipples to avoid liners damage. Available with and without shut off valve.

  • Milk Filters

    Milk Filters

    Our milk filters will provide the cleannes that your milk needs, since the retention of particles and debris is higher compared to other brands, making them highly effective and reliable, besides being really tough, because the materials used are of the highest quality.

  • Milking Systems

  • Madero - Premium Rotary System

    Madero - Premium Rotary System

    The Madero Premium rotary system is exclusively designed for dairy farmers that seek a different and better alternative to increase production, efficiency and profitability of their farm. The Madero Premium has a unique design, a complete stainless steel platform and a cutting-edge level of technological equipment, it is a customized system, designed and tailored to each need.

  • Madero - Model M-3000 - Portable Milking Unit

    Madero - Model M-3000 - Portable Milking Unit

    The Madero milking units are designed to make your life easier. Their lightweight structure, well balanced design, light and robust make this system an excellent choice for a comfortable milking. Its right alignment with the milking unit makes an accurate and effective operation, besides the sound level of the muffler is very low, allowing the milkers to work near the animals without caussing them any stress.

Products by Afimilk Ltd

  • Dairy Herd Management

  • AfiFeed  - Model TMR  - Individual Feeding System

    AfiFeed - Model TMR - Individual Feeding System

    In a non-TMR feeding environment, concentrated feed supplements are critical in meeting the nutritional needs of high-yielding cows, especially those that graze. It is crucial that control of individual feed dispensers, either in the parlor during milking or the housing area, is in the hands of the herdsman. Individual feeding, in which each cow receives her own supplementary menu, presents an excellent opportunity for optimizing feed consumption....

  • Afimilk - Milking Parlor Automation

  • Model MPC & AfiLab  - Milk Analyzer

    Model MPC & AfiLab - Milk Analyzer

    Afimilk introduces a new dimension to dairy farming by implementing the In-Line Milk Lab - the industry’s power couple AfiMilk MPC and AfiLab. Managed by AfiFarm dairy farm management software, data is used for earlier detection of health problems and nutritional deficits, better control over milk quality and improvement of the entire milking environment for precision milking.

  • IDeal  - Cow Identification System

    IDeal - Cow Identification System

    Data integrity is a primary condition for reliance on automation systems for management decisions. In the hands of a good manager, a trustworthy system is a powerful management tool, yet systems allowing low quality data may cause more harm than good. Data quality results from three main factors:

  • AfiSort  - Cow Separation System

    AfiSort - Cow Separation System

    On average, 10% of all animals in the herd require special attention on any given day. Breeding, health care and scheduled treatments such as hoof trimming and vaccination are all part of the routine dairy operation. Identifying cows that require treatment and managing their traffic and care is second in importance only to milking. The AfiSort automated cow sorting system reduces labor by automatically selecting and scheduling cows for...

  • Automatic Walk-Over Dairy Cow Weighing System

    Automatic Walk-Over Dairy Cow Weighing System

    Body condition indicates cows' general physiological status. Without automated methods for evaluating body condition, dairymen cannot use this vital parameter in their decision-making. In the form of automated scales, the AfiWeigh system gauges cows' body weight en route from the milking parlor. The system also evaluates eligibility for breeding, efficiency of feed intake and other post-partum problems reflected in body condition. As a...

  • Afimilk - Cow Monitoring

  • AfiAct  - Model II  - Cow Heat Detection Leg Tag

    AfiAct - Model II - Cow Heat Detection Leg Tag

    Good fertility management means that cows calve at optimal intervals, maintaining milk production at the highest possible level. Years of research and field experience have demonstrated the strong, direct correlation between the timing of estrus and cows' increased walking activity. Based on this crucial finding, the Afimilk team developed AfiAct, the world’s leading automatic heat detection system.

  • Afimilk - Milking Parlors

  • Afimilk - Parallel Milking Parlors

    Afimilk - Parallel Milking Parlors

    Our parallel stalls provide milkers easy access to the udder between the cow’s back legs. This enables quick cow positioning and milking, and ensures safety for the operator.

  • Afimilk - Herringbone Milking Parlors

    Afimilk - Herringbone Milking Parlors

    Herringbone milking parlors, the most common type in use, have proven their efficiency for decades. These parlors ensure a stress-free environment for milkers and smooth cow traffic. Convenient animal positioning makes it easy to view the cow and access the udder.  In rapid exit herringbone parlors, the brisket bar is lifted after milking and all cows can leave the parlor simultaneously. This reduces load times considerably and increases...

  • Afimilk - Model R600 - Rotary Milking Parlors

    Afimilk - Model R600 - Rotary Milking Parlors

    These labor-efficient milking parlors, which enable a constant daily cow routine, suit dairies that require high hourly throughput. Rotary parlor operators remain in one place to put on the cups, while the constant cow flow allows milkers to focus on essential tasks in a safe environment.

Products by Animat Inc

  • Animat Recycled Rubber Livestock Flooring

    Animat is a well-known Canadian company that has specialized in the design and manufacture of recycled rubber flooring for the last 30 years. Our flooring has various uses in the dairy and horse industries and as anti-fatigue mats and floor protection in commercial and industrial areas.

  • Animat  - Original Rubber Mats

    Animat - Original Rubber Mats

    Animat Original rubber mats are an effective, comfortable, long-lasting and economical solution for those who want the best at an affordable price.

  • Animattress - Livestock Mattress Systems

    Animattress - Livestock Mattress Systems

    Animattress Mattress Systems offer a stall bed for most applications associated with your dairy operation. With superb Cow Comfort being our ultimate goal, we manufacture a stall bed for cows and heifers in three different configurations. Ourstall mattress can be used in either free stall applications or tie stall barns. We know what it takes to make your cows comfortable and at the same time, provide years of reliable service with a...

  • Animat Maxgrip - Rubber Livestock Mat

    Animat Maxgrip - Rubber Livestock Mat

    Introducing our new Maxgrip Mat.  This high quality rubber mat has been designed specifically for confinement barns where extra traction is the number one objective.  Producers have requested mats with additional traction to overcome slippage in challenging applications.  The new Maxgrip Mat has been designed to accomplish these goals and yet maintain the level of comfort that Animat provides for...

  • Animattress  - Model III - Stall Bed Mattress Systems

    Animattress - Model III - Stall Bed Mattress Systems

    The new Animattress III stall bed is a revolutionary mattress for your stalls.  It was designed for tie stall barns specifically but can be used in free stall barns as well.  It is so easy to install, you can do it yourself! The familiar pebble-top surface that is an Animat trademark is bordered by a sturdy rim and alternately-sized rubber cones on the underside for strength, support and comfort.  This durable mattress will give you...

  • Animat - Utility Mat

    Animat - Utility Mat

    The Animat Utility Mat is a heavy duty rubber flooring, 1/4” thick durable rolled rubber mat. The perfect solution to protect your floor, it can be use inside or outside and it is virtually odorless. Its anti-slip properties provide comfort and increases stability. This easy to use rubber flooring has many applications. Many sizes are available,