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  • Malone Trojan - Model MT-35 - Self Loading Wagons

    Malone Trojan - Model MT-35 - Self Loading Wagons

    After almost 2 and half years at the drawing board and 2 years field tests, in 2008 we were pleased to annouce the farmers/contractors range of Self Loading Wagons suitable for all Irish conditions. Since then sales of the Self Loading Wagon have been phenominal across Ireland and Europe. Heavy duty gearboxes, 2m pick-up reel with 5 rows of quality tines, balanced suspension, tandem axles and wheels that work well in the field and on road.

  • ProCut  - Model 960c  - Trailed Conditioner Mower

    ProCut - Model 960c - Trailed Conditioner Mower

    The Malone 960c is the result of Malones many years of disc mower conditioning research, development and experience. The four main principles for development   focused on the following

  • ProCut  - Model 700, 800 & 900 - Mounted Disc Mower

    ProCut - Model 700, 800 & 900 - Mounted Disc Mower

    The Malone ProCut 700, 800 & 900, 3 Point linkage mowers are one of the best selling mowers on the market. There are many mowers available on the market but not all mowers are built the same, the Malone ProCut 700 / 800 / 900 mounted mowers have many desirable features and benefit that ensure you get a professional quality clean cut every time. The ProCut mowers are available in three different cutting widths. What really makes the Malone Mower a...

  • Procut  - Model 2000 - Grass Topper

    Procut - Model 2000 - Grass Topper

    Built for tractors from 30HP upwards this rotor machine is ideal to tackle growth up to 30mm diameter. It is fitted with two heavy duty blades which are fixed to a single rotor on a direct drive from a centrally mounted gearbox. This gearbox is specifically designed for this type of machine as it has an extended bearing housing and heavy duty barings to support the cutting rotor. Power is transmitted through a heavy duty P.T.O. shaft which is fitted...

  • Hydraulic Log Splitter

    Hydraulic Log Splitter

    This log splitter has been designed to split even the toughest, most knotted firewood / timber. It is great equipment for your home open fire. It is fuelled by tractor hydraulic pump which make it very handy. For fully safe operation the user needs to use two hands to keep it running sand prevent hands injuries.