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  • Land Roller

    Land Roller

    The Mandako Land Roller features a simply designed, easy to use triplex roller on wider models or a single roller on narrow models. Easy to use in the field and easy to transport on the road. Working widths up to 60'.

  • Axle Mount Swath Roller

    Axle Mount Swath Roller

    Just a little wind can do a lot of damage to your crop. By using our corrosion proof polyethylene swath roller, you can minimize the damage. The roller flattens the swath giving it a well rounded shape. The ends of the drum press the sides of the swath firmly into the stuble, so wind cannot get underneath. The even swath will also make for fast and easy combining.Mandako axle mount swath rollers mount easily to most self propelled swathers, using 4 U...

  • Quick Hitches Attachment

    Quick Hitches Attachment

    Our Quick Hitch fastens to the 3 point hitch by pinning the 3 point hitch arms to the hole settings at the bottom of the quick hitch, and the top pin setting to the top link of the 3 point hitch.To hook up your equipment, line up the pins and lift the 3 point. the pins will automatically click in and lock. To detach from your equipment, simply flip the release handles and drop the 3 point hitch. 

  • Quick Attachment

    Quick Attachment

    Our Quick Attachment is designed to interchange attachments easily without having to line up pins. In winter or during harvest time rush when you need to change attachments, it is faster and easier to drive into the two levers on the quick attachment until they are hooked in and locked rather than trying to line up four pins. Our Quick Attachment consists of a frame that hooks into the top pins of your bucket. Once the attachment is hooked in, tilt...

  • Model MGW 1200 - Grain Cart

    Model MGW 1200 - Grain Cart

    1200 Bushel Capacity. Unique Tie-Rod Type Trailer Auto Steering. Hydraulic Suspension (rear axle). 20'/22' unloading auger. Tarp Option. Tandem Axle (no load on drawbar). Scale Option. Large Flotation Tires. Colour Options

  • 3 Point Hitches

    3 Point Hitches

    Mandako front and rear mount 3 point hitches are custom made for most make and models of tractors. Mandako hitches are easy to mount and operate similar to original equipment. Lifting arms don't interfere with the draw bar or other tractor functions.