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  • Model MBP 2 - Bagplacer

    Model MBP 2 - Bagplacer

    MBP 2 - Manter Bagplacer 2 For placing automatically bags equipped with plastic strip and holes, underneath the filling opening of a Semi Automatc Bagger. In combination with the SAB 2 HS ( High Speed ) capable of processing of up to 20 bags/minute* at 25kg.

  • Manter - Model RSB-M Series - Baggers

    Manter - Model RSB-M Series - Baggers

    Fully automatic bagging machine for pre-made mesh bags from the roll.Packing range 2,5 - 25kg.Capacity at 5kg up to 24 bags/min 1.1 Depending on product and bag

  • Manter - Model RSB-P Series - Double Filling Hole Baggers

    Manter - Model RSB-P Series - Double Filling Hole Baggers

    Horizontal PE poly filling and sealing machine for either pre-fabricated or half tube PE poly from the reel. Also available in stainless steel. Various closure options available. To combine with all kinds of weighing systems.  User friendly touchscreen.

  • Carousel Baggers

    Carousel Baggers

    High speed manual packing-machine for single bags 1 to 5 kg., also available for 10 to 50 kg.  Paper, net, burlap and foil bags are manually hung from 1 of the 6 rotating bag-heads. Bags are filled at the final station.  Automatic kwiklok closing possible.  The rotation speed can be ajusted to the packed weight and requested capacity.

  • Packing Fruit

  • Clamshell Filler

    Clamshell Filler

    Automatic packer filling of shells with a lid.  Shells are placed on conveyor belt manually. Can be combined with denester. To combine with every weigher. Measurements clamshells between L120xW80xH90 mm and max. L280xW180xH120. User friendly touchscreen.

  • Clipper


    Automatically packing into tubular net closed with a metal clip. Automatically change between 2 tubes with net-material.  Can be equipped with printer and labelfeeder for wineglass-or clip-to-clip label.  To combine with all kinds of weighing systems. User friendly touchscreen.