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  • Seeding - Pneumatic Seed Drills

  • Maxi - Model 5 - Pneumatic Seed Drills with Double Disc

    Maxi - Model 5 - Pneumatic Seed Drills with Double Disc

    With MAXI-5 continues the evolution of the MAXI element. The strong structure, the high distributor and the double opening disc grant productivity and precision with all types of seeds used in the various soil surfaces, even with subsidence and crop residues. Suitable for planting both on a ploughed field and on a ground with minimum preparation only. It permits to maintain the preset seeding depth. The transmission by chain is a further warranty of...

  • Futura - Model 5 - Pneumatic Seed Drill with Furrow

    Futura - Model 5 - Pneumatic Seed Drill with Furrow

    Simple but strong, suitable for well-prepared soils. Low distributor element that, thanks to the shoe opener grants optimal seeding even on very hard soils, and in conditions of humidity. Furthermore, its strength and easiness foresee just minimum maintenance intervals.

  • Seeding - Seed Drills

  • Arizona - Mechanical Seed Drill

    Arizona - Mechanical Seed Drill

    ARIZONA is a mechanical seed drill for cereals and small seeds. It is equipped with a hopper of big dimension for the better operating range. The machine has a continuous oil immersed gear box for a precise and fast seed quantity regulation. The volume grooved batchers guarantee a regular seed division for all the rows and uniform distribution even if operating in areas with steep slopes. The machine is available with suffolk coulters, coulters and...

  • Arizona Kombi - Mechanical Seed Drill

    Arizona Kombi - Mechanical Seed Drill

    ARIZONA KOMBI is a mechanical seed drill for cereals and small seeds with fertilizer. It’s a combined mechanical seed drill to sow and fertilize at the same time thanks to the special double hopper and to the double row of distributors operated by two gears with oil immersed cam system.

  • Seeding - Cultivators

  • Galileo - Row Crop Cultivator with Hydraulic Foldable Frame

    Galileo - Row Crop Cultivator with Hydraulic Foldable Frame

    GALILEO is a cultivator machine built for inter-row work on crops. It’s prized for its robustness, reliability and operational versatility, it’s indeed suitable to different crops on various soil conditions. The absence of welding joints in the element body of the element enhances its structural resistance quality of particular value when working on more difficult soils. Inter-row distances are those commonly used but customized inter-row...

  • Round Balers

  • Model Corsa    - Round Baler

    Model Corsa - Round Baler

    The Mascar Corsa series is a roundbaler for cylindrical bales with fixed chamber and a chain/bars system, ideal for any type of the product, from those dry to green. Robust, simple, reliable and with contained dimension, it assures low management costs and excellent performance in the difficult conditions.

  • Model Mascar Tuareg CUT series - Round Balers

    Model Mascar Tuareg CUT series - Round Balers

    The Mascar Tuareg series is a roundbaler for the cylindrical bales with fixed chamber and a chain/bars mixed with rolls system, equipped with the excellent technological solutions. It combines the reliability with high performance, thanks also to the rotary feeder system, suitable for the clients who desires productivity together with qaulity. Tuareg is an ideal solution, multiuse for each product type.

  • Mustang    - Model 165  - Round Baler

    Mustang - Model 165 - Round Baler

    MUSTANG 165 variable chamber is the new technological jewel of MASCAR. Besides the innovative design, the new MUSTANG 165 represents important advanced changes in the electronic and hydraulic controls. The harvesting performances are improved thanks to the new pick-up of 225 cm, equipped with the high speed lateral conveyor spirals. An efficient and reliable control unit permits a simple and total electric control of the outside diameter and internal...

  • Monster  - Round Baler

    Monster - Round Baler

    The Mascar Monster series comes up from the experience of who builds roundbalers for years, designed for the most demanding clients. Quality, high productivity and reiability are the main characteristics of Monster. The variable chamber allows to satisfy any requirement, from a farm to an outside contractor. Flexibility, versatility and technology assure performances and quality standard at the highest level.

  • Planters

  • Model Futura - Planter

    Model Futura - Planter

    The precision pneumatic planter FUTURA is the Mascar's interpretation of the traditional seeding element with low sower. Thanks to the notable experience in the planting very good results in strength, simplicity and low maintenance of the machine have been obtained. The opener of the hay-cutter form permits planter use also in humid soils with good stability of the machine and excellent seed distance precision. A particular attention has been paid to...

  • Maxi    - Planter

    Maxi - Planter

    As an answer to the new seeding requirements, Mascar offers the monoseed pneumatic planter MAXI with high sower. A particular care and attention have been paid to the development of 'the machine's heart'. The sower is an expression of speed and high precision in the seed laying, with a special consideration of the reliability, easy utilization and maintenance. The double disc opener guarantees a high performance in any soil condition also in those...

  • Arizona    - Planter

    Arizona - Planter

    Arizona is a mechanical seed rill for cereals and fine seeds. It is fitted with a hopper of big dimension for long seeding range. It has also a continuous gear in oil bath for a precise and fast setting of the seeds quantity. The distributors with sprockets grant a regular and homogeneous distribution of the seeds for all of the rows even on steep slopes. Available in the versions with Suffolks, Suffolk coulters and double disc.

  • Oregon    - Planter

    Oregon - Planter

    The pneumatic seed drill Oregon has as one of the main characteristic, his distribution system made of 4 proportioners having 5 sprockets each. According to the kind of seed you can make a single selection. Each single proportioner is connected to 1 distributor feeding a sowing section between 100 to 150 cm, granting in this way a very uniform quantity on the whole working width.