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  • Model BX-Series - Standard Garden Tractor

    Model BX-Series - Standard Garden Tractor

    With an overall length similar to a standard garden tractor, the BX-Series tractors are easy to drive and can work smoothly even in tight spaces. The BX-Series' compact size also means they're gentle to the turf. But don't be fooled by their compact dimensions-these tractors are powerful and capable of handling a wide range of garden and yard needs.

  • Model T1880 - Mower

    Model T1880 - Mower

    The hydrostatic transmission (HST) makes operating the T-Series easier and more precise than ever. A single pedal controls both speed and direction changes quickly, without shifting or clutching. This system keeps your hands free for precise steering at all times, which is especially important when maneuvering around trees and shrubs or working in confined spaces.