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  • Model 10/12 - Rock Trencher

    Model 10/12 - Rock Trencher

    The 10/12 is robust, reliable, compact and digs through virtually everything. The machine is ideal for cable projects and other small-scale utility works in all kinds of rock, road and soil conditions. The 10/12 is basic but complete and can be fitted with a range of options to suit specific needs.

  • Model 25/20 - Drainage Plow

    Model 25/20 - Drainage Plow

    The 25/20 double parallel linkage plow allows high speed installation with extreme accuracy of drainage pipe over undulating terrain or fields with shallow ditches.

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  • Aquatic Machines - Weed Harvesters

    Conver Weed Harvesters have been specifically developed to remove waterweeds and/or drifting refuse from watercourses and lakes. Floating plants such as Lemna (duckweed) and common water hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes), as well as rooted plants such as Waterweed (Elodea) and many other types can be harvested using the three types of Conver Weed Harvesters. The differences between the machines are in their working depths, cutting widths and storage capacities.

  • Conver - Model MC105-10 - Weed Harvesters

    Conver - Model MC105-10 - Weed Harvesters

    With its capacity of 20 m3, the Conver MC105-10 is the largest in the series of weed harvesters. The machine is suitable for removing floating vegetation as well as plants that are growing underwater or other floating debris in lakes, channels and other inland waterways.

  • Conver - Model C96-4 - Waterdozer Weed Harvesters

    Conver - Model C96-4 - Waterdozer Weed Harvesters

    The Conver C96-4 'Waterdozer' has proved to be a sturdy and highly reliable work boat, suitable for removing both floating debris and water plants from inland waterways under various conditions. The various optional tools mean the machine can also remove underwater vegetation or serve as auxiliary vessel for dredging work.

  • Land Based Machines - Tractor Mounted Units

    Ditch maintenance in one go has been the motivation to develop the Conver C36-series mowing and raking combinations. The front end of the tractor is equipped with a mowing unit and the rear with a raking unit.

  • Conver - Model CAS - Tractor Mounted Units

    Conver - Model CAS - Tractor Mounted Units

    The Conver CAS tractor mounted unit is a (semi) removable unit with its own hydraulics. The unit can be mounted on the back of the tractor a tractor in the three-point linkage or on custom build subframe. Depending on the model of the tractor, the hydraulic pump is driven by the PTO of the tractor. If the tractor is suitable you can use the hydraulics oil supply of the tractor itself.

  • Conver - Model C36 - Tractor Mounted Units

    Conver - Model C36 - Tractor Mounted Units

    With the Conver C36 tractor mounted units the CVS and CAS models are combined on one tractor to for an actual mow-rake combination. In standard trim the front unit is mounted in a custom build sub frame and the back unit is mounted in the three-point suspension frame or onto a custom build subframe as well. At the front of the tractor with a double action cutter bar cuts off the vegetation; At the back of the machine a rake picks up the cut material...

  • Land Based Machines - Tool Carriers

    The Conver C3 has made the world of weed control that much richer with a professional brush machine. The C3 was developed in close cooperation with one of the leading pioneers in the field of weed brushes. It was not designed as a 'multi-purpose' tool carrier that can be deployed for a multitude of purposes, but as a 100% dedicated weed brush machine.

  • Conver - Model C3 - Weed Brushing Machine

    Conver - Model C3 - Weed Brushing Machine

    The Conver C3 Brush machine was developed especially for use in urban areas. Compact, highly maneuverable, quiet and fast are just a few of the terms that characterize the C3. The most recent technology in both construction and operation were put to use in the development of the 3-wheeled machine. Only high-quality components are used for the machine; keeping essential maintenance to a minimum was the basic principle.